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  1. General Halloween
    I need some advice how to handle the situation with I have a large number of people that want to go through my tiny one-car garage haunt. I had about 200 visitors and maybe half of them wanted to walk through... When the groups were small, I asked them to walk through slowly and enjoy. It's...
  2. General Halloween
    After a long hiatus, I finally got to participate in our neighborhood's TOT! This year I went with more of a Harvest theme with our decorations. Some corn stalks, a small pumpkin patch, and retro-inspired decorations. Amazingly nothing was stolen or vandalized, which was the cause for the...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I've attached the list of Halloween animatronics that I have for sale with prices. Photos and/or videos are available upon request. For more information, feel free to private message me on the Halloween Forum. Shipping is available to any location across the globe. All pieces are guaranteed as...
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Ok so 3 years ago I stopped having my big party and sold everything I had. I have the bug again and it's too late for this year so I want to start rebuilding for next year. I want to have a "resurrection" theme since I am bringing the party back to life. I am not sure what props to build, I...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    My husband and I have decided to dress up as Mr. and Mrs. skeletons this year for a corporate event on Halloween. I've been told that I need to provide the MC with an "introduction" for our costumes, but I have totally at a loss. I know that there are many of you who have the imagination to...
  6. Member Introduction
    Howdy All! Am new to celebrating Halloween, but decided to host a Halloween BBQ this year for something different and have discovered I am a lot more into Halloween then I realised :D Am finding the ideas on this forum above amazing already and I am totally blown away by the creativity and mad...
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Played this last year for Christmas had so much fun decided to do it again for Halloween. Will do a ball for kids and adults. Totally recommend it!
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I just read an article about how the Costume Industry is taking off. They claim that 1/3 of American adults plan to dress up on Halloween this year, a number that I totally disbelieve. So, True or False - In the US, one in three adults will dress up this Halloween. What say you?
  9. Halloween Props
    Came across this awesome post on YouTube by user Hollywood Haunter about the construction of a prop called Breathing Grave. I was totally wowed by the detail that went into it and how awesome the mechanism worked. So this weekend I started my own Breathing Grave. It won't have the carving that...
  10. Wanted to Buy
    I have the Jack and Oogie inflatables and want to add Sally. If anyone is has one for sale at a reasonable price, I an totally interested. Thanks, -Z
  11. Halloween Music
    I have no idea where to post this... but this is GREAT!! I have been singing and laughing all day. They totally nailed it! BRILLIANT!! And if you are not familiar with the original song... (The parody is funnier if you watch this first.)
  12. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    for all the great posts, tutorials and inspiration. If not for this forum we would have celebrated this Halloween doing all the usual traditional things we do such as the pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, special dinner and a scary movie night. I thought this year, especially with a limited budget...
  13. General Halloween
    Thank you so much for the scarf. She had made one for her reaper victim and I posted how fantastic it was. She sent me one!! I am totally wearing it to school tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you!! Be on the lookout for a pumpkin now that I have your address!!!
  14. Halloween Props
    Maybe I'm missing something totally obvious, but the zillion tutorials for cheesecloth ghosts etc NEVER seem to say where to get the darn stuff in any decent quantity without totally breaking the bank. I've tried three fabric stores with no luck. Hardware stores sell it in such small quantities...
  15. Haunted Humor
1-15 of 17 Results