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  1. Other: Dungeon walls

    Halloween Props
    My theme this year is torture. Can anyone tell me where I can get wall/backgrounds that look like a dungeon for 10 foot high walls? All I can find is around 5 or 6 feet. I'm on a limited budget so don't want to have to buy extra to cover the extra 4 or 5 feet. I'm hoping to cover all the...
  2. Prop Showcase: Serial Killer's Torture/Trohpy Cabinet

    Halloween Props
    I've had a knife board inside the window of my porch for a bunch of years now, but it was kinda hidden and almost no one saw it. So, I decided to expand upon it a bit, and at the same add a bit of consistency to my jar collection. I think this cabinet ties them all together pretty well. I...
  3. castle theme props wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone. looking for castle themed props, facade, torture devices. stockade, guillotine etc.
  4. Static: How to make a Pirate Pillory - for selfies of course!

    Halloween Props
    To go along with my Pirate theme this year, I opted to make Pirate Pillory! You know - the torturous device that your head and hands would got locked into for doing bad things to your neighbors? This year, I made an adult-sized version connected to a child's-sized version. All for good fun and...
  5. Pneumatic: Prop Showcase: Stretching Rack Torture Completed Build

    Halloween Props
    wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. I finally completed my stretching rack and it's great! my yard haunt theme is a torture chamber so this is going to fit in perfectly. Parts list: 1 Skeleton (corpsed) Plywood, cut to size old belt some fake chains 12VDC 1200mA...
  6. My Scary Story Video

    General Halloween
    Hello... I participated in a Halloween video contest this year, and the theme of the contest was "Trapped." I just wanted to share my video here for anyone interested... I won't find out until morning who won the contest but I've been told this was one of the better among the entries. It's 2...
  7. Other: Guillotine help?

    Halloween Props
    in 09 a user named Markk made a guillotine and put a candy bowl on the other side where the body normally is. Markk rigged it so when you get your candy, the blade go half way down, and then back up. Can anyone help me learn how to do this? I wanna make it for next year. I'm already making an...
  8. Other: Torture "Treatment" Devices?

    Halloween Props
    Okay, so i'm in charged of my highschool's haunted walk and the theme is the Asylum. My scene will be the 'basement were they secretly do these weird treatment experiements.' We will have the electro-shock therapy in an electric chair style (My dad and I are building it.) However i'm stumped on...