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  1. For Sale By Merchants
    Take advantage of the compact 27:1 gear reduction these Worm Gear Sets provide. Increase durability, help eliminate backdriving, and increase torque with these sets in your builds! Available in both 1/4" D-Bore Worm Gear and 6mm D-Bore - 1/4" Round Bore Worm Gear...
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    Servo Gearboxes are built for extreme applications demanding more than a regular servo can withstand. While the primary advantage to using a servo gearbox is the increased torque provided by adding an external gear ratio, there are many benefits beyond multiplying the torque output.
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello, I am building a stirring witch prop like the one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbwsIYIkPdI. I have a reindeer motor but it's not strong enough to move the head. The head is a mask with a Styrofoam mannequin head inside. any suggestions on a different motor that will mount to the...
  4. Halloween Props
    I'm sure this has been addressed may times however still seeing posts about drying up source of low speed high torque motors figured I'll put in my 2 cents. Every one knows the many uses and availability of windshield wiper motors main problem they move to fast for many props. Being a General...
  5. Halloween Props
    Ok crew, anybody got a good link to where you can buy motors. Low rpm and high torque I built a couple of props last year using wiper motors but never really had any luck slowing them down enough to get the effect. Don't get me wrong they had the torque to pull a freight train but they just...
1-5 of 5 Results