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  1. haunting a dental office in Toronto with ghost projector

    General Halloween
    Hey Halloweeners I set this up in a dental office in Toronto and it was my workshop over the wknd wherein I evolved a show . . . trial nd error .. i still havent nailed it. This was my first attempt (its actually my third attempt) with a sheer blind bought at Walmart - you can still see the...
  2. New Member seeking assistance

    Member Introduction
    Hi New member from Toronto. Seeking help on fixing my Howler Werewolf. Wiring has been disconnected from switch
  3. Anything Halloween related in Toronto

    General Halloween
    Going to Toronto this week (cause everyone goes north for spring break). I was wondering if anyone knows a must stop place in Toronto for a Halloween junkie... I might try the Ghost walk and have a few drinks at The Lockhart cocktail bar (kinda harry potter theme), other than that whats up...
  4. East Toronto haunt looking for volunteers!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Howdy everyone! My family and I run a one night haunt on Halloween out in Whitby, quite close to Toronto. We're looking to collect a few volunteers to fuel an expansion we're putting together this year. We sure could use some community help with build, and take down. Additionally, we're looking...
  5. Hi from the other side of Toronto!

    Member Introduction
    Just saying hi! Mostly a xmas lights guy, but always do a halloween show for a "warmup". Last year did a pair of joking bucky skulls telling jokes with 2 servos driving it. Was a good intro for me. Now to figure out where to go from there. Anyways, i'm in Pickering Ontario which is just east of...
  6. Torontonian in a new house!

    Member Introduction
    Hey all, I'm Robin from Toronto. Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a child, and I've been making costumes and doing other crafty stuff for a long time. I've always wanted to decorate for Halloween, but as we lived in apartments, there wasn't much ability to do anything. Well...
  7. Anyone working for a Halloween event in there region this year?

    General Halloween
    SCREEMERS (toronto)!! hiring next month, i'm defiantly aiming for screemers over FearFest this year :D last year I worked in the asylum at FearFest, Canada's Wonderland. We took maze of the year , of-course . Can't wait to get into screemers , I hear its much more intense than FearFest :) ...