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  1. Prop Showcase: Pirate ship and treasure chest out of stuff laying around

    Halloween Props
    I looked at my hammock stand and saw a Pirate ship - I had PVC laying around as well as old canvas paint "tarps" . I used torn bed sheets for the sails. I will be adding a fog machine, audio soundtrack for ocean waves, creaky sounds and Pirates as well as torches inside the ship for extra...
  2. QTiki Torches, Anyone?

    Halloween Props
    Our outdoor display uses a combination of LED spotlights and Tiki Torches. I picked up an additional 4 yesterday for $5 at a yard sale. We love 'em, because they're cheap, need no wiring and give off a rather creepy, flickering orange light. Anyone else here using these?
  3. The Bone Mother: Unorthodox 2016 Open Discussion.

    General Halloween
    Doesn't that just SOUND like me? Anyway, if you've been following me for some time, you know one thing I REALLY hate is to leave something undone. From the mad scientist lab when I was 8 (redone some 25 years after the initial concept), to redoing "The Orchard" portion of our Harvest theme...
  4. Lighting: skull tiki torches

    Halloween Props
    I decided since I'm doing a voodoo swamp theme this year I would make some tiki torches. This was my first attempt at corpsing anything also. So now how would I creep up the torches.
  5. Other How to create some quick, neat TORCHES

    Halloween Crafts
    If you want to creat some torches - Get some cheap flashlights as large or as small as you want and some rubber bands. Take some tissue paper of your choosing color and crumple it to look like a flame use the rubber band and attach the tissue paper to the flash light. You can also cover the...