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  1. Prop Showcase: Topper For Pillars

    Halloween Props
    Last year I built some pillars for a driveway entrance and I'm looking to add a topper. I'm limited on funds so I may end up not doing anything. Pic is a little rough but they are gray in color and have concrete like texture. Was thinking adding a couple hanging props to the top? I like the...
  2. Yankee Candle stay on toppers + afterlife...

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello all! I am looking for the following items from Yankee candle - Afterlife collection pumpkin with eye patch tea light holder Afterlife collection pumpkin holding a stick with a pumpkin on the end tea light holder 2007 stay on Jar topper 2008 stay on jar topper 2009 stay on jar...
  3. Oogie Boogie Mask

    For Sale By Merchants
    TheKawaiiStitchGirl.etsy.com made to order. Check out my Etsy store. Some have even used it as a tree topper for their Nightmare Before Christmas themed Halloween/Christmas tree!!!
  4. Static: Easy cemetery fence finial topper idea - bat stakes from the dollar store!!

    Halloween Props
    Hi I have received so much good advice from people on this forum, including instructions on building my cemetery fence. But when it came to finding a finial / topper for the fence, I wanted something different. Somehow I tried adding the bat stakes, found this 2015 year at the dollar store, to...
  5. Hand crafted small hats to complete your costume

    For Sale By Merchants
    Im selling small decorated hats. It has a removable headband and can be clipped to hair. They also can be ordered with an under chin elastic for dogs or cats. They are beautifully crafted for a one of a kind accessory. I can ship within the US and buyer pays shipping. top hats are black 6...