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  1. Other: Creative ideas for these junk?

    Halloween Props
    I have gotten a hold of a few unique items that I am going to use in building something for my outside displays. In addition, I have quite a collection of string led lights and a lot of tools. Any suggestions that doesn't cost a lot?
  2. Electronic/Software: Spirit Graveyard Lantern Hack-My first hack!

    Halloween Props
    On an earlier thread I asked if anyone knew how to make the sound activated Spirt Halloween Graveyard Lanterns stay constantly lit instead of the momenary light after being activated by sound. A few replies, but nothing concrete on how to do it, so I decided to take it apart myself and see what...
  3. Halloween (+ glow in the dark!) nails!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, I sell 100% nail polish strips (no heat, tools, or dry time needed!) that last up to 2 weeks, and just released a Halloween collection that includes two glow in the dark sets! All are buy 3 get 1 free. You can shop here: http://bit.ly/pluckypolishhalloween Bloody Gorgeous...
  4. Other: Essentials for building a good prop or just to scare people

    Halloween Props
    As I work in my last few items for this year I realized it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what is absolutely need for building props. Everyone post pics, links, and whatever else you have found through the years to be extremely helpful in making a good scare. I'll try to compile a...
  5. Other: Any Good Alternatives to Hot Wire Foam Factory?

    Halloween Props
    I'm finally getting around to upgrading all my old cheap tombstones this year. The idea is that I would really get comfortable with the process of building my tombstones, and after this season was over, I'd actually carve my own custom tombstones. This means I finally got to really use my kit...
  6. Other: Let's Bulid Something in Franklin KY. USA

    Halloween Props
    Do you want to build tombstones? A mausoleum? A sleigh? If you have some special Halloween Props or Christmas decorations you want to make, or have made, NOW is the time to start on them. Do not wait until the last minute. My work shops are well equipped with a myriad of tools including a...
  7. Need some ideas for props on a budget

    Halloween Props
    I am looking for ideas for props on a budget of less than $100 using PVC. I am planning on buying a heat gun to do my arches better for Christmas. I am plan on using the same arches for Halloween. But I am looking for me ideas with PVC that is easy to do and make with basic tools like a PVC...
  8. Prop building essentials

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the boards and brand new to the prop building scene, so please be gentle... ;) I really want to start preparing for my 2016 Halloween early and even build a few props and animations myself (if I'm capable). Just wondering what you find to be the most essential tools to...
  9. Opinions needed on porch entrance

    General Halloween
    So I bought some curtains last year at Home Depot because I thought they would be great for halloween (they were on clearance). I've tried dirtying them up with absolutely no success. I even sent my two boys out in the back yard to try and dirty them up, still no success. Anyways, I'm thinking...
  10. Other: "Must have" tools

    Halloween Props
    I have a little money left over from my annual bonus and am going to invest it in some higher tech tools for prop building. I thought I would check here to see what ya'll consider "must haves"! I know I want to get a web spinner to use with my air compressor - is there a style brand anyone can...
  11. Static: Newbie

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, My name is Chase. I am new here and wanted to get some opinions on prop building. I want to build my first ever prop for this Halloween 2014. I need something simple and affordable. Do you guys have any tips or opinions on what I should do for my first prop? I don't have many tools...
  12. Other: Hot knife foam carving tool from Harbor Freight

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone used this "heavy duty" hot knife from Harbor Freight? http://www.harborfreight.com/130-watt-heavy-duty-hot-knife-60313.html It looks like a heavy duty tool, but designed more for cutting nylon rope. Has anyone been able to use this for foam carving as well? I have experimented...
  13. PUMPKIN HELP!! How to shave the skin vs carving?

    General Halloween
    We are having an office competition for Pumpkin Carving and my team is trying to figure out the best methods for shaving down a pumpkin - so you arent totally removing sections, but rather peeling/shaving off the thick outer skin and revealing the lighter color underneath. We are looking to do...
  14. Static: Styrofoam and intricate carving

    Halloween Props
    OK, Thanks to everyone on this forum for the awesome support all of you always give so willingly! :) Here is the skinny. I am making a BIG styrofoam tombstone. The big pieces are easy enough to cut and shape. But how about carving the detail work? Not letters, as I have a nice routing tool...
  15. Other: Tech Shop

    Halloween Props
    heard about this place in Cal, Tech Shop http://techshop.ws/. Thouoght everyone here would be interested, and looks like its coming to Detroit. This will be a help to all making props. find out how to use milling machines, welders, etc. I am not affiliated with them in any way, just thought...
  16. Other: Halloween Setup Materials List

    Halloween Props
    Last year I was keeping a list of all the stuff I used to help hang props and decorate for the season. It was a pretty comprehensive list, covering the stuff I had always remembered, to the stuff I ran-out to purchase last minute, to the stuff I thought about after-the-fact. I thought the list...