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  1. Halloween Props
    Last year I had some large size PVC pipe to cut and wanted a clean cut without all the plastic debris from sawing. Not being someone with a lot of tools or being handy constructing things, I ended up buying an Orbit "1/2 inch-to-2 inch PVC cutting tool" from Home Depot. A bit on the pricey side...
  2. General Halloween
    Does anyone know of a good tool that will cut .20 styrene sheets other than a razor knife? I want to cut a 48" wide sheet cleanly and evenly.
  3. Halloween Props
    I am going to purchase a plunge router attachment to my Dremel tool. What router bits are you having success with for lettering or doing raised lettering ?
  4. General Halloween
    The good part of this weeks rain, the rebar will be easier to remove! :) My question is, does anyone have a rebar removing tool?? I've seen and even used a tool to remove metal fence post (snow fence post). Handle with leverage and a chain around the post. There should be a leverage handle...
  5. Halloween Props
    Take a look at this thing. It's a handheld CNC machine! Imagine the possibilities of creating tombstones and other foam creations with this.
  6. Halloween Props
    I started a daily vlog last month to capture my 2016 haunt build. I call it "Bleach Bones." This year is going to be my first walk-thru haunt and I'm building everything from the ground up. Today I show what ultimately turned out to be my failure in using a tool to create a wood grain effect on...
  7. Halloween Props
    I would like to carve a Frankenstein Pumpkin for Lil Ghouliette and was wondering if any one had carved the funkin pumpkins with a dremmel tool and what tip would be best ?
  8. Halloween Props
    I'm looking to replace my Dremel Stylus that died last month, but don't have a lot of spare cash to upgrade to a high end dremel. Instead I'm looking for a rotary tool without a battery to do basic detail work. After searching the web I've come down to a Black and Decker RTX $29.00 on Amazon...
1-9 of 9 Results