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  1. Haunted house stuff for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a ton of haunted house items in Roseville, Michigan....I would rather not ship stuff. I really don't have a ton of free time to be going to the post office constantly. All the items are slightly used ( only this season) alot are new because we never got them into play. I will consider...
  2. Static: Foldable coffin ??

    Halloween Props
    Work is about to get ugly for me so I need to start my decorative planning pretty quickly. I have limited storage room for any newer items so I am trying to make things as tiny as possible. As the title says, I am thinking about a foldable coffin. If I were to build one (not for actual human...
  3. Life Magazine Photos from 1960

    Hey gang. Hope this is okay. Going to try to link to another board (Classic Horror Film Board), where they've uploaded a ton of cool photos from an early 60's Halloween party. Definitely worth a look-see. Clickety-Click
  4. HAUNTED RADIO'S HALLOWEEN SHOW: they live, our annual awards, and more!!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are wrapping up the haunt and Halloween season with news on Burger King, They Live, and more!! Then, we announce the full list of winners that you voted for in our annual Golden Corpse Awards. We also induct the four newest members of our Haunted Hall of Fame...
  5. Hello from sunny Central Florida

    Member Introduction
    Yes hello, from the mouse house (Disney for non-locals) area. Been on here for a while, in ghost lurker mode, absorbing all the great information. I came here specifically looking for skeleton animatronic info and got hooked on everything else. I like to tinker and build stuff so.... hold on...
  6. Help! Fat Guy Storyteller

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So, I'm pretty huge into Halloween, but honestly, I've ever been that big into costuming. As a 6' 4" 320 lb guy, I don't quite fit the mold of many of the characters I find scary/fascinating. However, the school I'm working at is doing a Halloween storytelling event, and I'm going to be doing a...
  7. Electronic/Software: Combining videos into a loop

    Halloween Props
    I have several video clips that I want to combine into a longer video. The longer video will be played back in a looping video player. I'm not concerned about audio. What's the best way to accomplish this? I've never done video editing before and this is about all I'm ever going to do so...
  8. Is 2018 a down year (for outdoor stuff)?

    General Halloween
    I live in MN where school doesn't start until after Labor Day. That means stores just put out Halloween stuff last week. I feel like the amount of Halloween decorations (specifically for outdoors) has been on the decline the last couple years. My city doesn't not have a Spirit Halloween this...
  9. WTB: Very specific hanging vampire bat creature prop from circa 2006

    Wanted to Buy
    I have an old vampire bat prop that I like to bring out around this time of year. It's probably been 12 years since I got it and it is starting to fall apart probably from taking him out of storage and putting him back. Maybe I can repair the latex, it has a hole on the chin and its feet have...
  10. Wow we have a lot of new members.

    Member Introduction
    Instead of posting in each individual post. Welcome to all that have joined recently. There is a ton of information about haunting and our great Holiday. Join in and have a great time.
  11. Static: Black Shrink Wrap for Corpsing?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever used black shrink wrap for corpsing? I am corpsing plastic pumpkins and every one I spray black before I paint and dry brush. This could save me a ton of work but not sure on the quality.
  12. How did your toned down Halloween Party go?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We had a great 2017 Halloween Party. Lots of people, food went over well, house looked great, fire pit, back yard movie on a projector but it cost a ton of money. It was our first year in a house so much of that was just growing from an apartment to a larger space but still... its hard for me...
  13. Kirklands 2017

    General Halloween
    I didn't see a Kirkland's list here. First time I checked out this store. They sell everything online too. Some really nice items. I only took pics of the Halloween products. They had a ton of Fall stuff too. http://www.kirklands.com/
  14. Floral secondhand wreath supplies?

    Halloween Crafts
    I'm wondering how offensive it would be to dumpster dive in a cemetery and rescue old plastic flowers and the like. Would someone consider it sacrilege? Could the cops be called? I just know that there's a ton of stuff going to waste that could be repurposed, but I'm just wondering about...
  15. Rutherford Manor Haunt Pics 2016

    General Halloween
    Here are a few photos of this year's Haunt! We had a great season, just over 3000 people through over 4 nights, and over a ton of food for our local food bank! Hope you enjoy! :) http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/trex-albums-rutherford-manor-haunt-pics-2016-a.html...
  16. Lighting: My Stranger Things Wall! With help from you all!

    Halloween Props
    With help from Vater (and JeffHaas' code tweaks) on these forums, was able to work out and build a working animated wall! Can program to say anything, a long with many different lighting effects! Link to the original thread and the creator...
  17. Halloween Craft for Little Kids Party?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi there! Each year, I host a Halloween party for the playgroup I joined when my DD4 was really little. The kids have liked coming over to see all our decorations, and I always have some fun stuff for them to do. It's a small group of 4-5 year olds, with a few younger siblings thrown in - less...
  18. Halloween Theme Escape Room

    General Halloween
    Has anyone designed or done a halloween themed escape room. Had a haunted house in my garage for 7 years and had to stop for many reasons, mostly because my helpers backed out, but I have a ton of haunting ideas. This year I was thinking of making an escape room using the props I have...
  19. Criags list killer foam find in exter, RI

    General Halloween
    If any of my fellow haunters is looking for foamboard..I already picked up two dozen pieces but there is a TON more he didn't show http://providence.craigslist.org/zip/5185821686.html