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  1. General Halloween
    i've never made tombstones, but in the past i've often used the cheap foam tombstones that are about a foot or so tall that you get at dollar tree or other places. i told my wife recently that i wasn't going to use those anymore because they don't stand up and they break and they're generally...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi I've been working on 3 new stones for this year. They are pretty intense and I should have pictures up next week. Working on the extras for the stones. Has anyone made new stones for this year. I have seen some pretty cool things people have come up with and done over the last few years. So...
  3. Halloween Props
    Well got all 3 of my witches done and set up out in the yard today. Also got my new and improved spider and my cemetery set up today as well. My tombstones are some that I quickly made last year when I decided last minute to decorate my yard. I plan to make some nicer ones for next year. Still...
    Does anyone have any step by step instructions on how to paint tombstones on cardboard?
  5. Halloween Props
    I've got 2 more tombstones to do this year and have been putting them off becasue I always struggle with the lettering on them. I want to do them in a good Halloween type font but don't have a good way of transferring them from page to styrofoam. I've hand lettered mine in the past but they...
  6. Halloween Props
    Quick Question, can my (white) Styrofoam tombstones get wet? I notice this morning that I placed them in front of some in ground sprinklers. So far its not bothered then yet.
  7. Halloween Props
    Hey, I know there are countless DIY tutorials for tombstones, but I'd like to know if there is something out there for this specific type of grave marker. I'll be using it to hide a full-size projector (no miniature/pico version in my fleet as yet) so it needs to be a bit oversized. Thanks.
  8. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! It's been about 4 years since I made my first tombstones. Last year, I got rid of most of them, because most of them were damaged, and my prop building skills have improved a bit over the years. About two weeks ago, I got started on a new set. Instead of the styrofoam with beads I...
  9. Halloween Props
    One of my students suddenly got a dream job and packed up and moved in 2 weeks flat. They went through a major downsizing and were kind enough to gift me their extra halloween items. And as grateful as I am I don't really know what to do with these. Here are 9 small Spirit store tombstones...
  10. Halloween Props
    This is our first try at making tombstones!! Below are the first four we are working on now. These are the animated ones, we will do four more static ones!! The first one is my version of a zombie groundbreaker, the second one is my graveyard greeter, the third one is a pop up zombie and the...
  11. Halloween Props
    I'm sure most of you have seen the 'eyes' cut out of TP rolls with a glow stick shoved inside. You know, stick 'me in the hedge.... Ive never tried that, but I'd like to. BUT. It's not like we don't have a bunch of other stuff in the front yard. Fog, tombstones, animatronics as well as statics...
  12. Halloween Props
    I've finished almost all of my tombstones for this year. I've been working on some of these since before last Halloween, "Deverney", and "Crewler", but they didn't have bases of any tea staining for last year. I posted a few of these stones on another thread but I've added some moss since then...
  13. Wanted to Buy
    I have missed out on past GR Tombstone collections (Ancient British Crosses and Celtic Crosses), if you are tired of storing yours, I would give them a good home!
  14. General Halloween
    Was visiting my grandparents' cemetery & noticed these cool tree tombstones. I wonder how much it would cost to have one of those made today?
  15. Halloween Props
    anyone done this using wooden molds or silicon? any how to video's available?
  16. Halloween Props
    Sorry for asking so many questions lately but I need to find a better program to design my tombstones with. I've been using paint and made some good stones so far but need something better. Any suggestions?
  17. Halloween Props
    Hello all with just a couple weeks to go I spent the past weekend building 12 tombstones. I used 2 inch foam. I cut them and shaped them with a wood rasp, used a heat gun on them and etched them with a soldering iron. I cut 1/4 plywood and glued the base to them, glued the tombstones together...
  18. Halloween Props
    I finished off the Tombstones I created last year. I weathered them and added some moss.
  19. Halloween Props
    Cordless, so no safety-hazard extension cords running across the yard, taxing your already over-worked electrical system. Cheap, as in under $3.00 each, if you make a moderate amount of them. The basic concept is a mini LED flashlight with light filtering gel film of your color choice inside a...
41-59 of 171 Results