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  1. Halloween Props
    When I try to age this tombstone, it is splotchy...I have gone over it several times. I used dry lock...Any ideas why this would happen???
  2. Halloween Props
    Getting ready to try my hand at some tombstone construction and was looking for some advice. I've watched some tutorials on Youtube and see that there's a few different methods folks use. Wanted to get your take on some of these... Lettering... I see iron on method and the trace method...
  3. Halloween Props
    I just finished up my latest tombstone. I've been wanting to make this for 2 years after seeing the original in a local cemetery. Below is the original with what my completed version looks like.
  4. Halloween Props
    My neighbor owns a little craft store and she wanted me to make her some tombstones this year for halloween. So I,m going to make her 5 or 6 but we're not really sure what price to ask for them. This one I made today it's about 25" tall. Any suggestions?
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone, I am new to haunting and could use help figuring out a problem. How do I transfer and enlarge hand drawn copies of tombstones or other items to foam boards? Another of what will be many questions: Where can I find templates of tombstones for 4' x 8' sheets of foam board...
  6. Halloween Props
    Ok, so I have made some tombstones with the pink/blue styrofoam, but ended up paining them with a mixture of the drylock and other paint to get the color I wanted. I am worried that by mixing the paint with drylock I am worried about the paint running or getting damaged. So my question is, is...
  7. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, this year I want to start making my own tombstones. I figured I could make it out of some nice green foam from the flower section, it's easy to mold. However, other foams like the pink/blue foam are cheaper, I heard they are harder to mold without the right tools. I want to try...
  8. Halloween Props
    What props did you build today? i'm making a bunch of tombstones to put around my naborhood that tells were and when the haunt is. I can't post a picture because it has my address. Please tell me what you have been making.
1-8 of 8 Results