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  1. Halloween Props
    I'm going to use pneumatic cylinders to create pretty basic tombstone pop-ups. I made a very rough contraption to start learning how pneumatics work but am running into a problem. As the video shows, to get the board (future tombstone) to pop up, I have to give the board a nudge upward with my...
  2. Halloween Props
    OK with all those attending the big Trade show, maybe someone here will be able to recall this for me. I am looking for a particular "Jump Scare" animated prop from a few years ago. This prop is a Tombstone with Grave "Pop-up". Now Spirit made a low end version that im sure most here are...
  3. Halloween Props
    This was my first year with motorized props, so I wanted a system that let me flexibly experiment with motors, mountings, linkages, etc. I was already familiar with grid-beam which is basically an adult erector set. I used the grid beam as a foundation for the props, and I'm convinced they...
1-3 of 3 Results