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  1. Halloween Props
    Last year (2019) I made my first Halloween props. One tombstone and a cute sign that people seemed to enjoy and, I had too much fun making. I caught the home haunter bug! This year I made a few more and now have an entire graveyard. (Fingers crossed that this is the last year I need to...
  2. Halloween Props
    So I set up my cemetery and within a day or two I noticed the top of some tombstones looked a little crumbly. After another day I realized something is EATING THEM!!! A lot of them. at least six are pretty well gnawed/pecked at. It is just on the tops so I'm assuming its birds. Has anyone else...
  3. Halloween Props
    Having seen fogging tombstones at several retail stores, I wanted to build one. I'm going to build it out of foam board. So here is my dilemma, how/what do I run the plumbing? I could use PVC, EMT, or Dryer Vent Tubing. I think the most obvious and easiest would be PVC, but want to see what...
  4. Halloween Props
    Here is another small one: I like doing the wording really dark so it's more legible when lit up at night. more to come, I just had 3 big sheets of 4' x 8' blue foam donated yesterday! I'm going to try doing something BIG. wish me luck! -=k
  5. General Halloween
    Hi everyone, Has anyone ever put a book on a tombstone? I was going to attempt to do so and was thinking Monster mud in place after a bit of carve out. Does that sound like a plan? Or will it fail for sure? Thanks, Ellie
  6. Halloween Props
    this past year was the first time i actually made some tombstone, while i was a bit nervous about buy the materials and then wasting them i was super happy at the way they turned out. if your a first timer and worred about doin i say go ahead, also you can ask me for tips for first time ease...
  7. Halloween Props
    So I've lurked on this forum for a long time... I've watched and read tutorials, and I finally decided to attempt my first tombstone. It is by no means as good as most I've seen on here, but I thought that I should share it for feed back... I'm a True Blood fan so I decided to do a tombstone...
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I’m selling four Grim Reaper Heads for $15.00 and free shipping. The heads measures approx 4.5" wide x 5.5" high The heads are made of light weight rigid foam. They can be mounted on a homemade tombstone you are creating or any other Halloween or Gothic object you choose as they have many...
1-8 of 8 Results