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toe pincher coffin

  1. A Near Real Toe Pincher Vampire Coffin - Built for me to lie in

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi all, For those asking about the coffin picture I posted and asking about how its made ... here are some in progress pictures. It is basically heavy guage plywood screwed together, metal straps assisting holding the pieces together ... painted, gloss black, exterior polyurethane gloss ...
  2. Prop Showcase: My first toe pincher

    Halloween Props
    So I've been creeping around these forums as a guest for several years now without actually becoming a member until recently. Living in an apartment I did not have the space to make or display props the way that I wanted to. So fast forward, I finally have a great home with lots of space to work...
  3. Pneumatic: Pneumatic toe pincher

    Halloween Props
    About how much PSI is needed to lift a lid that is somewhere in the ball park of 10-25 lbs? I am looking at this small and cheap air compressor from Harbor Freight in order to power the prop. Link below to the compressor...
  4. Static: What do you do with an old climbing structure/clubhouse?

    Halloween Props
    So, that DO you do with a 13 year old climbing structure/clubhouse that the kids are too old for, don't use anymore and is falling apart? Anyone? Anyone? Ok, I'll tell you. You tun it into coffins, of course! I've got a better skeleton (from Walgreens) that I will be using when I...