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  1. Halloween TV & Movies 2019

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    Just came across the first promo for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, titled American Horror Story: 1984. It will be themed after 80s slasher movies.
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    If anyone is interested on listing halloween items on my Facebook page it’s titled Tricks and Treats buy and sell Halloween items It’s kind of new but we have picked up over 100 people this week...
  3. New BIG SCARY SHOW: HAuNTcom wrapup, Promoting haunts, London After Midnight, more

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW – HAUNTCON 2019 WRAPUP Episode 177 Badger took advantage of his time in the Big Easy, enjoying the New Orleans hospitality and food, and he still was able to cover the convention! With booth babe Sylvia Viles watching the booth, he managed interviews with Dark Illusions...
  4. Halloween is coming soon - media and entertainments to get in the 'spirit'

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    Basically, I get very excited about the holiday, so will be posting images, video, text etc here in coming months I enjoy personally. Hope others may find it amusing as well. :) A few tidbits to start us off: Titled Abscission, artwork by Matt Dixon on deviantART. A great Nox Arcana track...