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  1. General Halloween
    I swear we put so much effort into the month before October when it gets here I do not even have the will or energy to put the stuff out. At this point I am just over it all and not looking forward to this week actually putting everything out. I hope it is worth it.
  2. General Halloween
    well its that time again!! I decided to get started on stetting up the yard haunt today after lots of contemplation as i do every year. i aways think its too early or or ill get tired of it but the stress of not getting it done on time always pushed me over the edge. Well, is anyone else...
  3. Halloween Props
    Russell's 2017 Halloween for those that have recovered from the 2017 season and still have interest. Enjoy! http://www.snydercentral.com/halloween/H2017/H2017.htm Rain messed up the set up this year but everyone seemed to have a good time. Once again this year I'm tired and thinking I might be...
  4. Wanted to Buy
    Missed out on these and just heartbroken. I would love to buy anyone's extras or if you get tired of the ones you bought for yourself (like that's going to happen, but a girl can dream right?) :D Willing to negotiate on price within reason and pay shipping. Or let me know if there is something...
  5. General Halloween
    The question was asked concerning why you like Haunting? My answer was :"Several years ago I might have discovered that I might be a simpleton because I realized that I never get tired of pulling that lever and seeing people fall through the floor, leaving the room screaming!" I don't think...
  6. Halloween Props
    Topic of Discussion: Curious to hear when people begin to set up their yards for Halloween. I have been doing a "stepped up" display for 8 years now and have always done it about 1 week before Halloween depending on the day of the week that the 31st falls. I also begin removal on the 1st and...
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Classic and retired pieces for sale. 31 pieces, plus extra Halloween decorations. Total value, minimum $3000. Looking to sell for $1200. PLEASE, we are tired of storing all of this. Also, all in original boxes.
  8. General Halloween
    I'm certain many others of you have had this happen before but I'm sure no one ever gets tired of it!
1-9 of 10 Results