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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Partsman's Note: I'm proud to post up Keeba's Tombstone Tutorial, Keeba was the first of my inspirations for making my own tombstones. I've had many great teachers since then, many on this very forum, but Keeba was the first. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have. Unfortunately I cannot...
  2. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is yet another orphan how-to, unfortunately I never recorded who the original creator of this one was: I saw these web guns for sale on various websites and they aren't that cheap. After reading up on them I figured it was time I made one. I'm going to keep these instruction brief since...
  3. Halloween Props
    Shout out and a big thanks to those who inspired this fun project! Thanks fellow haunters! Oak Lane Cemetery - For all your great ideas and online tutorials. Rustie - For the goblin idea, and awesome bubbles in your brew The Skeleton Crew - For the rust paint tip Kindo - for the idea to prop a...
  4. For Sale By Merchants
    In this latest Tech Tip, Kyle explains how to replace your servo gear sets.
  5. Halloween Props
    I started this project a couple years ago and never finished it, just got back to it and hope to have it done for this year. The basic idea came from Scary Terry's version, mine is a little more beefed up and uses 2 cylinders for the arms. I also used 1" square aluminum tube instead of conduit...
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This prop is part of a haul that sat in an attic for a few years. It originally had crystalized acid in its battery compartment, but thanks to a helpful tip, I've been able to restore it. It works beautifully! I've seen this for sale between $250 and $300. I am happy to include first class...
  7. Halloween Props
    Thought I would throw this tip out there as I have not seen it anywhere... I will put my mache projects in front of a dehumidifier to greatly reduce drying time.
  8. Halloween Props
    Below is a video of a mini fogger I just built. It uses an E-cigarette tip as the heater and liquid holder. Somewhere I saw where someone had used one of these as a small fogger so I thought I would give it a try!! I have the battery holder and the small pump in a project box and a hose and the...
1-8 of 8 Results