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  1. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Happy to be part of the forum. Does anyone have good advice on when/where to buy department 56 to get the best price. Just wondering if there is a good sale cadence, if I am patient. I know Micheal's is great for Lemax, just looking for good timing and locations for 56. Thank you for your help.
  2. My last scare of 2017

    General Halloween
    The last set of guest in 2017 gave me a memorable keepsake. I think the timing was perfect.
  3. 502 errors and SLOW

    Site Issues and Feedback
    The last 24 hours or so I've gotten random 502 bad gateway errors. Not every time, but enough to mention here at this point. Also since the move to the cloud servers, I've noticed the forum itself slow to connect, timing out and sometimes getting a "server too busy" response with increasing...
  4. Yard Decorations : How long before Halloween do you put them out?

    General Halloween
    Just curious if anyone has any strategies on how far in advance you put stuff in your yard. Does time build interest among your neighbors or does the effect get stale if you get too far ahead? I ask because this will be my first time decorating a yard that's really visible to passersby. Plus I...
  5. Spirit High Voltage props For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    For sale: 2 Spirit Halloween High Voltage props. Selling both together. Use alone in conjunction w some other life size props to activate other Tekky props via the attaching cable. I bought these a couple of years ago brand new and never opened them up or used them until today when I found out...
  6. Haunt walk thru timing

    General Halloween
    I usually just let people walk thru my yard as they come and wish to at their own pace. Haven't had any issues with this, but this year I am planning a walk thru in the garage also which will require more actors and probably better timing. With a normal pro haunt it is normal to wait in a line...
  7. Electronic/Software: HELP! Timing a prop

    Halloween Props
    I want to be able to have an animated prop such as a grave grabber switch on for lets say 30 seconds and then be switched off for say 60 seconds, after that the prop turns on again. Is this possible to achieve without the use of a controller or expensive software. If so HOW ? thanks in...