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  1. Other: Flying Crank Ghost

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. I'm thinking of building a flying crank ghost, and potentially a cauldron creep. I need help finding battery powered LED lights for the ghost eyes. What would I search for on eBay or other website to narrow the search, or does anyone have another source. A simple eBay search brings up...
  2. Newbie To Forum - Old Timer To Halloween

    Member Introduction
    Hello folks, Bonzo17 here. Just discovered this forum today so I joined up and thought I'd share some pictures. Should I just do it here in this thread or is there somewhere else that is better? Looking forward to perusing this forum for other's pictures. Cheers - Bonzo17 :D
  3. Electronic/Software: Budget Motion detector with timer? Audio?

    Halloween Props
    Don't want to buy an expensive control box. I have bought a few outdoor motion lights before and wired them to plug in the wall, using the light sockets to plug props. But is there another way, just as cheap, to have a motion detection device and an accurate timer? The motion light I made...
  4. Mechanical: Convert battery prop that is sound activated to a timer

    Halloween Props
    Hi all I recently bought two props that I didn't realize were only sound activated. They turn on when I turn on the power so I am wondering if anyone has played with converting something like this to a timer activation. I've been searching but can't find anything that I can splice inline to do...
  5. Fog: Chauvet 1400

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking for a new fog machine. Right now there are several vendors that have factory refurbished Chauvet 1400s with a timer for $120. The 1400 is recently discontinued. It's a great price for a pretty high capacity machine. Does anyone have one, and if so how do you like it? Thanks!
  6. Fog: Remote timer hack help

    Halloween Props
    Cant see any other posts that are sorta the same as this so here goes, i have made a simple electric chair prop that uses a 12v timer cycle relay board to stop and start bits and pieces of the prop, i was wondering if its possible to link the timer to an older style single push button hard wired...
  7. Fog: gemmy fog machine timer

    Halloween Props
    Can someone please tell me how I can add a timer to a gemmy fog machine
  8. Fog: Gemmy fog machine timer hack

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I am trying to add a timer to my gemmy fog machine I no I saw a hack for it but now I can't seem to find it Does anyone know how this can be down. Thanks
  9. Electronic/Software: Hooking up halloween prop demo button to a timer module

    Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone, new to this forum but I've read a lot of good information in the past. I am looking into hooking up a 12 volt timer module to the demo button of Halloween props. I am have a basic understanding of electric but I am able to follow instructions and put together circuits. I 'm...
  10. Need help finding a timer

    Halloween Props
    I purchased a sound activated prop and want to remove the sound part and replace it with a time that turns on every 5 minutes. here is a picture of the wiring. hoping i can just cut out the microphone part and replace it would a timer.
  11. Fog: Fog Machine Timer blinking???

    Halloween Props
    Kind of weird, never ran into this before. I have a DJY-1500w ground fog machine.... the chinese special I picked up last year for $200 new. I see they are on Amazon for $650 right now. Anyway, saturday night, I used it no kinks, it just worked. Tonight set it back in the exact same spot...
  12. Electronic/Software: Candle Timer Hack Needed

    Halloween Props
    So I bought some LED candles with timers to replace the ones I made with pvc and tea lights (they are lovely by the way!) I am so damn tired of going outside and turning on and off 20 tea lights. But unfortunately the new candles with timers only stay lit for for 4 hours. Turning them on at 6...
  13. Fog: Chauvet 700 timer...who sells them?

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where I can pickup a timer for the Chauvet 700? It seems the most common one only works with models 900 and up? Is a timer even necessary? I'm thinking about it because my fogger and chiller will not be in a convenient location for me to keep pushing the button or hold it...
  14. Walmart 400 watt fogger review

    Product Reviews
    I bought a fog machine from Walmart today, this is to replace a 400 watt Gemmy that the heater gave out after 8 years. The primary purpose will be to have a bit of fog coming out from the edges of a coffin. I set the fogger, timer and all in the coffin and set the timer for a 5 second burst...
  15. Less expensive equivalent to Chauvet 1200 fog machine

    Halloween Props
    I am looking at purchasing the Chauvet 1200 fog machine however I wanted to find out if there was a less expensive but just as good alternative to this machine. I plan on using it to pump fog thru a vortex style chiller to cover the front yard with fog for my maze. Would need a timer too...
  16. Suggestion on fogger timer...

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. I hope this is the correct section for this... I recently bought a Rosco 1500 fog machine for $10 at a surplus store. I knew nothing about it, but it felt solid and then I found out it is, or was at one time, a very high-end theatrical fogger. It works incredibly well, spitting...
  17. Electronic/Software: How can I rig up animatronic props from Spirit Halloween to a timer?

    Halloween Props
    I have a bunch of animatronic props that I've acquired over the years but they don't really activate all that well. Most use either a motion sensor or are sound activated. Neither work very well. II was wondering if there was a cheap and easy way to modify them to go off by a timer instead? I...
  18. Fog: Spirit Fogger Question

    Halloween Props
    I've had my current 400w fog machine for at least 10 years and this year I want to upgrade to a new one with a timer. I really don't need anything higher than a 400w and spirits is reasonably priced. Is there a hookup on their 400w fogger for a timer or not? Also, what's the best material to run...
  19. Eliminator EF-1000 Fog Machine and Timer

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Eliminator EF-1000 Fog Machine and Timer (SOLD) I bought this fogger a couple years ago and it has only been used on Halloween night. It is in great overall shape. It comes with the box, all original hardware, and the original paper work. This fogger still sells on Amazon for $63 without the...
  20. Fog: Last minute questions about fog machines!

    Halloween Props
    I bought a secondhand fog machine recently, tested it and it seems to work fine :) I want to set it up on my landing upstairs tomorrow night (possibly with a chiller but that remains to be seen) but it's carpeted up there. The machine seems to get pretty hot. Can I just stand it on a box or...