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  1. Member Introduction
    Hi i am an Australian who is very much addicted to Halloween - have been celebrating for 4 years now and every year gets better and bigger. Often look at American sites for ideas and want to thank all you people who share your creativity and ideas. Love it but unfortunately its hot when we...
  2. Halloween Props
    Made a deal with the devil and lost. Doomed to wander half dead and half alive till he gives the devil 100 souls to keep. "][/URL] "][/URL]
  3. Halloween Props
    Well this year i plan on creating an asylum themed haunt but with a strange twist. Here is the backstory i created and some photos of projects either finished or in the works. Dating back to 1850 in the deep woods was built a research facility where they would test all sorts of new drugs...
  4. General Halloween
    Hi All, Here's my Freddy Krueger 2015 Halloween Mini Yard Haunt. Foot traffic is scarce in our neighborhood, but through flyers posted around the block, we had a good turnout. Till next year and hope you all enjoy! Jesse Los Angeles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLBJjmFZIMQ
  5. General Halloween
    So here is the video walk through for this year there are a few things that wont be out till the big night so I will do another video on Halloween itself
  6. General Halloween
    Too little time to prepare, someone tell me the clock is wrong!
  7. Member Introduction
    New here, great site for ideas and feed back! Only 117 days till Halloween!
  8. Halloween Props
    Frightprops has their flash crackers on sale till 2-4-15 fyi. I know I've seen somewhere on here that has a thread about sales but I can't find it at this time.
  9. Halloween Props
    I have two stones to finish up, my fence to paint and one more zombie to put together. I don't put stuff out till like a week before so I still have time, but 18 days kinda scares me :eek:
  10. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    started by getting dollar store head run thru dishwasher start layering with ham, turkey or your favorate shaved meat build it up till ayour happy with it ping pong ball eyes turned out great
  11. Member Introduction
    I am new here, but am a Halloween junky. I put up a graveyard along the road, on either side of my driveway, ON OCT 1st. School buses slow down so the kids can see. Only 17 days till it goes up. :D
1-11 of 16 Results