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  1. Globalfear enterprise

    Merchant Reviews
    I had been looking at their full body costumes for a long time now, couple years ago, I missed their black Friday special.. when I asked, a few weeks past the deadline because their website still had the discounts, they said they couldn't do it.. SOOO all good, I waited another year, and last...
  2. Help! Slides hard to insert in Gemmy Lightshow Illusion Projector

    General Halloween
    Hi guys, picked up a Gemmy Lightshow Illusion Projector (2018 product) that comes with 6 slides and finding all the slides are super tight to insert into the projector. Too late to return after holiday and do like it so wondering how to make the best of this. Also curious if others have had...
  3. How To Make Cheap Barrels Using Planters

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    How to make a Pirate Rum / Gunpowder Barrel Some Forum members may have seen this tutorial about three years ago on our website. However, I am posting it here because (1) it is so easy to make if you need a barrel for your display and (2) you will need a barrel if you want to make my “Drunken...
  4. Flex Seal - Clear

    Product Reviews
    So, I needed to waterproof my latest projects, and decided to give this stuff a go. Presently, it's available just about everywhere, including your local walgreens...