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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have an idea for a floating candelabra that I think will look great in our haunt if I can pull it off. Which is why my first step is coming here and asking you all what you think the best approach might be. I am thinking of taking my little plastic candelabra and turning it into a...
  2. Halloween Crafts
    So my Christmas theme is NBC and i wanted rod iron on my house well since i do not have any i made my own version with the dollar tree yard bat stakes that you get 2 for 1.00 I then painted some boards black and then i layed a set out of the yard stakes to mark holes to be drilled that i...
  3. Halloween Props
    So I stood in line at Michael's for at least 20 minutes this past weekend with a bunch of people buying Christmas stuff and I wondered to myself "I wonder what these people would do if they knew I was here to buy supplies for next year's Halloween and I don't care about the Xmas stuff...."...
  4. Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone wanted to share how i did my skulls and spider snowflakes , my theme for Christmas this year was nbc First i drew them on to pink foam sheets Then i used a hot knife to cut them all out sanded them down ok i have to get a pick for you guys but i gave all of these hangers what...
  5. Halloween Props
    My curtains want to bounce 1/2 open. I have taken the gearbox off, removed the motor and inspected the "wandering gear". Mine appears to be stationary. I even tried to move it with a small screwdriver...no luck. Any ideas. I love the Zultan and do not wish to tie the curtains back. Sincerely, Dave
  6. Halloween Props
    So I really want to do a carnival/circus/sideshow theme. I think I figured out how to do a circus tent in a semi-affordable way. I have a 3 axis skull/skeleton. I'm thinking just swapping out his script and dressing him up as a sideshow barker. "Step right up, step right up, come see the...
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    But I am having a hard time figuring out how to tie it into Halloween. Any ideas for games, food, activities etc.
  8. General Halloween
    As I put the finishing touches on my Yard Haunt and prepare for the Witching Hour to begin, I would like to pause for a moment and say "Thank You" to the wonder Zip Tie. Without this very simple, yet vital, piece of plastic my haunt would literally fall apart. So "Thank You" Mr. Zip Tie...
  9. Halloween Props
    Doing an Evil Carnival theme this year and trying to reuse some props from years past. Any ideas how to tie it in with new theme? All help appreciated coming up blank on this one. Thanks!
  10. Halloween Props
    While checking out the new selections at Grandin Road I saw an awesome mirror with a skeleton coming out of it. The $500 price tag scared me off, but it did inspire me a little. Not being mechanically inclined to build something as elegant as the Grandin Road one, I did make a "poor mans"...
  11. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So this year I wanna dress up like Leatherface from the Original TCM. Does anyone know a place that I can get the Shirt, Apron & Tie from?
  12. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I'm thinking of putting a twist on a scary clown costume. I have on order this clown mask, and I'm still not sure on the exact makeup, all i know is I'm going to do flesh tone and a white face, the rest is up for debate. Also, instead of wearing a clown suit i was debating wearing a suit or...
  13. Halloween Props
    Just wondering if anyone found a "safe" and effective way to secure or tie down their Spirit Halloween Jumping Spider. I know in the directions it says not to put any weight on it, but this thing jumps quiet a bit every time it's activated. I want it to stay in the same spot but yet I don't want...
1-13 of 13 Results