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  1. Hello from Kentucky!

    Member Introduction
    Hello! My name is Gil, currently 27 yrs old, non-binary/gender non-conforming transmale from eastern Kentucky. Obviously I'm Halloween obsessed 24/7/365. I haven't built any of my own props yet but I'm hoping to make a fence post coffin this year (first time using a saw, should be interesting...
  2. Electronic/Software: Windows FX Plus Series

    Halloween Props
    Hi Techies! How do you take the pre loaded videos on the projector and add them to a thumb drive? I have some extra videos on a thumb drive and the projector gives the option of either playing the pre loaded videos OR play those on the thumb drive. Thanks! This is a brand new system. There...
  3. Electronic/Software: Auto door lock actuator question

    Halloween Props
    I must be an electrical idiot. So I want to activate the actuator using a wall wart and a prop controller. When I connect the wall wart power supply to the actuator it acuates but it is humming and it is easier to push down with my thumb than when I have it hooked to the battery pack. It is a...
  4. what adhesive should i use

    Halloween Props
    So i picked up about 50 styrofoam blocks, free off craigslist. They are 18x12x12, not sure what you call the type but they are tiny balls compressed. Im making pillars and arch, what can i use to connect the blocks together . Also ive carved the pieces to look like rocks, but the seams stand...
  5. Lighting: What resistor to use on LED light?

    Halloween Props
    Needing a LED light for an owl that I will be lighting his eyes up with. The only LED bulbs that I can find at my Radio Shack are just the bulbs without the resistor already attached. What is the rule of thumb on this? I plan on running it with a little 9 volt battery. Is there a formula for...
  6. How do you hang your webs?

    General Halloween
    I have always used staples, but am tired of repairing walls after every season. I have been told to use the command hooks, but I haven't found any small enough to work for that. Has anyone used thumb tacks? Glue squares? Just something that won't leave a hole or rip the paint off. Thanks for the...