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  1. Static: Throne of Bones V2

    Halloween Props
    So I'm revamping my Throne of Bones for this year. I do a photo op in front of my yard for the ToTs. The line actually gets pretty long, since they have time to stroll around our cul-de-sac. This year I'm adding more bones all over, and I'm debating how to paint it. I was thinking gloss black...

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is Davy Jones Throne of Bones which I made for my pirate gig. Its made of PVC pipe,epoxy putty, and plastic bones. The bones and putty were purchased on E Bay, most of the bones came from the skeleton factory. The throne is in two parts for ease of transportation. The back piece slides down...
  3. Lighting: Creating strings of lights - SPT-2?

    Halloween Props
    I'm definitely no electrician, but I'm looking to create a certain style of lighting in my front haunt. Last year I created a "Throne of Bones" for a photo op, and this year the backdrop will be a huge Pumpkinreaper, arms spread wide, partially over the Throne, to help shade the black light...
  4. Static: Ancient Stone Throne Idea?

    Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone, I project an old castle facade onto my house every year. Thinking I need an old style throne to sit in while giving out candy. Not sure how to go about it..thinking of 2x4's etc for the frame but I don't want it to be too heavy (need to get it into a crawlspace for storage).. Has...