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  1. Halloween Props
    Halloween will be here before I know it, and like always I'll be waiting til the last minute for everything. Is there anyone on here who I could get some singing face LOR sequences from for Halloween? May even pay if they are good. Typical stuff, monster mash, thriller, this is halloween, etc. I...
  2. Halloween Props
    Looking for a 3, 4 or 5 channel sequence for Michael Jackson's Thriller. This will run the jets in my water show. Simple on/off commands would be great. Everything I have found are 16 channels plus. Does anyone know of a location to acquire this? Thanks, Brian
  3. General Halloween
    As satisfying as making humanoid props out of pvc and duct tape and wiper motors may be, let's face it, they're often more of a curiosity than a fright. One hockey-masked person jumping out the shadows has more shock value than a dozen CVS skeletons. I'm not here to suggest that you create...
  4. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Greetings Haunters! Halloween is almost here! Do you have ALL the Singing Pumpkins Effects and Animations you need? If not, we're running our annual "13 Days (actually just 10) to Halloween" 48-hour sale! Here's all the gory details..... Starting Friday (October 21st), ALL our animations will...
  5. For Sale By Merchants
    We made a new Halloween album this year, with some classic Halloween song in new versions and we wrote a few new ones, here is a Youtube teaser with one of the originals. https://youtu.be/UP-T87UnfAA
  6. General Halloween
    I bought a Viewmaster 3D viewer off EBay so I can look at some old Moon landing reels and was wondering if you guys/gals know of any Halloween or Horror related reels. I did buy a three reel set of Micheal Jackson's Thriller off Ebay, any suggestion on reels you think I may like with my love of...
  7. Haunted Humor
    So, I am not anywhere certain of where this should be posted... However, it is a link to youtube, where someone has taken a clip from the white walkers attack of season 5 episode 8 and put it to a portion of Thriller. Spoilers obviously. ...and blood. I had a grin the whole way through...
  8. General Halloween
    My hometown has an annual grilling contest, and teams always make parade floats and do a skit from their float in front of judges for prizes. My family and friends have entered for the past several years without success. THIS NEXT YEAR, however, they have allowed me to head up our float/skit...
  9. General Halloween
    Hubby and I do mainly campground haunts. These pictures are from one we did this year. We ended up winning first place in the electric category this year. I don't have a picture of the singing pumpkins we had but funny story,A family was walking through dressed like zombies. The dad was dressed...
  10. Announcements / Press Releases
    StarFruit Productions & Bloody Unique Entertainment have released their short film 'Candy.' just in time for Halloween. “We wanted to bring something new into the horror genre. A female character that is delightfully evil. A throwback to styles that I loved, with influences from Alfred...
  11. Halloween Props
    I will post links to video of my 3-axis skulls shortly... -Steve
1-11 of 15 Results