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  1. New 'old' member

    Member Introduction
    Hello, I'm from the upper Midwest, were it is snowing like crazy. I'm 56 years old and have managed a apple orchard and pumpkin patch for years. We did a haunted house and hayride in October. Unfortunately, the owners of the orchard have retired and now the place sits. The retirement has...
  2. Halloween Party 2018

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    How did you parties turn out? Ours was Saturday and it poured down rain. Our turn out wasn't what we hoped with 9 of our "Yeses" not showing up and none of our 11 maybes. So we planned for turn out in the mid twenties including us and ended up with 14. But it's not the first year we have had a...
  3. Static: Found cool parts

    Halloween Props
    So you never know what kinda parts you need for props. I got my washing machine worked on today. The shocks were bad. I had never seen any before. So before I threw the box away, I opened it. I'm sure these will come in handy one day for something I'm building. Even if I take them apart for...
  4. Static: A lamp I threw together

    Halloween Props
    This is the first thing I have made in years. Lots of life cchanges and im trying to get things going again
  5. The latest & sometimes NOT so greatest Halloween trends

    General Halloween
    I really wish someone could please explain to me these Halloween trends: -Pastels -Old pick up trucks -The denim blue/teal color in all things Can we please leave the pastels back in March & April for Easter please? It really got me when I saw those DotD figures in the At Home store that were...
  6. McGinnis Family Lights

    General Halloween
    Well after getting everything set up twice (due to mother nature), everything is up and running! Here is something new I threw together for this year!
  7. The Rules

    General Halloween
    I just wanted to start a fun discussion about the house rules for Halloween decorations. As laid out for me by my wife: The decorations must be stored in the storeroom in the basement. It is a fairly large room and I am ok with that since I could easily see it getting out of control...
  8. Hiding Places?

    General Halloween
    Ah yes...it's that time of year! Halloween stuff is creeping out into some stores & websites, yes, it's OUR TIME!! Also know as that time called "Where Can I Hide This From My Spouse/Significant Other Until Halloween?" or WCIHTFMS/SOUH?" If you do stash & hide, where is it? Mine is lately in...
  9. Static: zombie walker

    Halloween Props
    Threw this guy together last night. Think he came out well for a quick project...
  10. Static: How can I build this?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made anything like this? I am wanting to do something similar next year on the front of my tent. I want it to be either a creepy clown or skull that the TOTs have to walk threw to get in. I have been looking around the forum but not use what key words to search. Any ideas on how...