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  1. Deathlord's Air Trigger

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    In the "spirit" of Freddie's Girl's Obelisk build file, I'd like to post up a lost how-to from Death Lord's site which is no longer online. This is Death Lord's Air Trigger, the text is the exact text from his how-to: In November of 2002 I decided to develop an air cannon using a washing...
  2. Who uses a variety of lighting on yard/props?

    General Halloween
    As I comb through around here on various threads I see many colors on various yards and props. Made me wonder and think to myself. I typically use just blue, and maybe 2 red led's for my stuff. However, I see some of your tombstones with purples, greens and various cyans. Part of me says...
  3. Halloween photography tips/discussion

    General Halloween
    I know we've talked about this several times across various threads, but I don't see a particular dedicated thread. So, what are your tricks to getting that great shot of your work?
  4. 2018 Yard Sale, Thrift Store, Flea market Giveaways and Curb Alert Finds/Treasures

    General Halloween
    We must have a 2018 Yard Sale, Thrift Store, Flea market Giveaways and Curb Alert Finds/Treasures Thread this is one of my favorite threads. So let the 2018 hunting start now . Here is to happy hunting
  5. Officially Registered....

    Member Introduction
    So, Halloween has always been an opportunity to do something creative for decorating, hosting, and dressing up - all ever changing and evolving - I'm addicted. I've had the witch on her broom crashed into the side of the house, basic purple/orange colored string lights, to full on graveyard...
  6. Big Reaper 2017 - Reapers and Victims

    General Halloween
    Now that we have our victims....here's a place to stalk, to tease, to taunt. Also update lists and discuss the journey. The original threads are so long...I thought a new one might be of interest. :)
  7. Is there a way...?

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Is there a way to "favorite" particular threads? I want to mark certain threads somehow so I can come back to them later on to find information I want to revisit. Last week I read a thread on subject, and this week I want to start on that project. I try often to just leave that page open on...
  8. Confused

    Site Issues and Feedback
    What is an album? Is it the posting of pictures?Also, I can't figure out how to post pictures to the gallery. I have put two pictures on threads, but cannot see where or how to add them to "Gallery" or Album. Maybe I just understand the Album concept...
  9. Having trouble subscribing to threads

    Site Issues and Feedback
    When I try to subscribe to threads I keep getting this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tapatalk_newsub_push() in /usr/sites/halloweenforum.com/www/htdocs/subscription.php(119) : eval()'d code on line 7 Is the problem on my end? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  10. New Ads Placed On Our Photos

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Noticed while reading some threads without logging in that now the photos we post here will have pop up ads placed on the bottom of them. I find this totally annoying as a member here and am sure that outsiders reading our posts do too. Apparently banner ads at the top and bottom of pages and...
  11. Indoor & Outdoor Decoration Pics 2016

    General Halloween
    I looked and I did not see a pics thread for 2016 decorations. I saw some variations but I really wanted an official (ha, remember when everyone got grumpy about the 'Official' threads) thread to see everyone's decorations this year. Lets see those pics! Cemeteries! Mantles! Living rooms...
  12. More technical issues: not receiving forum subscription email updates

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Piggybacking off the other post about trouble accessing the forum, I'm experiencing spotty email receipt of my thread subscriptions from HF lately. I've double checked that the threads I've subscribed to are set to send me daily email updates, but no matter what I only receive HF email updates...
  13. 2016 Costco Halloween

    General Halloween
    Costco Pose-n-Stay Skeletons 2016 MOD NOTE: I've tried to see if an existing thread already had been active, but so far it's just specific items - multiple threads on their skeletons, witches, gargoyles - so I'm creating this to put all the 2016 Costco threads together. Merging to make it...
  14. A-Z threads A-Z

    A- Albums A-Z http://www.halloweenforum.com/games/141583-albums-z.html
  15. A longtime lurker says hello!

    Member Introduction
    I've been lurking on this site for two years now and decided it was finally time to sign up and participate. I particularly enjoy the Halloween crafts forum and the Halloween merchandise sighting threads. I've never known anyone who is as big on Halloween as myself, so finding this place and...
  16. how to add a youtube video

    Off-Topic Stuff
    hi can anyone on here show me how to add a youtube video to my threads. all I get is a youtube link and would like to post my youtube vids directly to my threads thank you in advance. not sure if im posting on the right thread.
  17. Vampire Valentines and My Bloody Valentine Secret a Reaper

    General Halloween
    I'm super excited for both. I'll be watching the threads for both. :)
  18. Did someone say there is a 48" skeleton for sale out there at a reasonable price?

    General Halloween
    Did someone say there is a 48" skeleton for sale out there at a reasonable price? Hi Gang, I apologize for asking this question but I have searched through the forum as best I can thinking I had read that someone purchased a 48" skeleton (4 foot) somewhere and it fairly inexpensive. I thought...