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  1. Halloween Props
    I started a new thread for the final project. Thanks for looking.
  2. General Halloween
    I just found this online. I didn't see a thread about it, so I thought I'd post one. Pretty cool! http://www.fyi.tv/shows/tiny-house-nation/videos/tiny-haunted-houses
  3. General Halloween
    Here is a thread for Halloween decorations that you have seen in your travels either locally on while on vacation. My vacation just ended and here are a few from Ogunquit, Maine.
  4. General Halloween
    somebody here did a marionette crank arm style. Would love a little help finding said thread. Thx.
  5. General Halloween
    Sometimes I want to search for a particular thread that isn't included in the New Posts list. I must be doing something wrong in the search function because I always get results that have absolutely nothing to do with my search. Can anyone tell me how to search for a specific thread on the...
  6. Halloween Props
    I think it would be hilarious to have a thread that shows our prop making fails. I've had quit a few myself, the worst being an attempt at one of those unorthodox creatures. I'm going to get a pic of it on here soon. I'm sure we have all had a bad go at something and it would be fun to make fun...
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Ok, so i don't know if any of you remember my thread from a few years back.. but i offered graphic design services in exchange for american candy (we cant get it over here!) and it was a success. I had LOADS of it! heres the original thread http://www.halloweenforum.com/threadl Getting back...
  8. General Halloween
    I was thinking and you know what, I wish there was a picture only thread. A place where pictures are posted but no comments/replies are made. I have those days were I just want to see everybody's pictures but find more chatter than pictures, and when I'm on a hunt, I end up spending a bunch...
  9. Member Introduction
    Hello, all you Halloween/Horror fans. I haven't made my introduction post yet, but I guess I should. Like everyone else here, I LOVE Halloween and Horror Movies. I also like creating scenes and decorations. Never have created a prop though, but it would be fun to someday! Classic Horror movies...
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey guys I am looking for an old thread regarding mason jar lanterns. I've found other tutorials online and most are super easy but I am looking for one that gave a kind old, dingy look. I think the person who posted the original thread used brown paint but I can't find it. Any links, ideas or...
  11. General Halloween
    Does anyone remember seeing a post about a website that had every graphic you could want? It was a free resource that had animals, botanicals, human body details. I think it was originally posted in the crafts thread, but I cannot find it. If you know what I am talking about and have the...
  12. Halloween Props
    I was searching high and low for a community thread show casing everyone's 2014 finished props but couldn't find. I didn't think my prop deserved a thread of its own because it's not original or earth shattering. ..so here is a pic of my finished toe pincher ground breaker, if you would like...
  13. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Sorry to post a new thread. Hope someone can point me to a thread and delete this one. Im looking for a HOW TO make 3 pumpkin projection using some programs like Sony Vegas and photoshop or Crazy talk and importing my own faces. Thanks for the Help
  14. Halloween Props
    Oh boy. I did it this time. I was putting the finishing touches on my first monster in a box and the linkage arm caught jamming the motor causing the spinning bolt (aka spindle) of my wiper motor to strip it's threads. :eek: Now I can no longer tighten it and the motor is essentially not...