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  1. Wall Hanging Give Away!

    General Halloween
    I have a wall hanging I would like to give away. If you would like a chance at winning it in a random drawing post in this thread. The skeleton glows in the dark. Drawing will be held October 22nd!
  2. Prop Showcase: Facade build 2018

    Halloween Props
    Asylum facade build 2018 Ok update as of 10/31/2018 for those that don't want to go through the whole thread All set up and ready for Halloween! Got the Arkham Asylum sign done! Got the door and the stone columns on and it's set up in the front yard!!! Testing the lighting The...
  3. Spooky Circus test make up

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time thread starter. This year we are planning a dark carnival theme for the front of my house. the whole family are getting involved this year which i'm super happy about. My wife wanted to try out a test make up on my 12yr Niece. I felt it looked so...
  4. teaser and picture thread for the 2nd secret reaper 2018

    General Halloween
    here is where to put any teasers you may get and pictures of your gifts!
  5. Mechanical: Animated Zombie Girl (Home Depot)

    Halloween Props
    I didn't see a thread on this one anywhere here. Correct me if I'm wrong. She's an HD exclusive this year as far as I can tell. About 3ft tall. See pictures and video below. PROS: Nice detail on face hands, and feet. Teddy bear looks real. Runs on AA batteries so it can be placed just about...
  6. Picture Challenge?

    General Halloween
    Hi! Anyone want to do a Halloween daily photo challenge for October? Maybe something like the one below, and we can either use a thread on here or post to Instagram with a #HFOct18 as our tag so that we can find each other's posts?
  7. Pets and Halloween

    General Halloween
    I was in another thread talking about something that had nothing to do about pets, but yet the conversation somehow led to a pets discussion, so I thought I would start a thread where we can talk about the loves our life: our pets! For me, I was searching for ways that I could display a new set...
  8. Halloween / Fall Magazines 2018

    General Halloween
    Just saw first Fall magazine in the wild for 2018. setting up this years thread for all magazine under fall or Halloween.
  9. Joanns 2018

    General Halloween
    Have not seen this thread yet They are starting to put stuff out Halloween Saw so very cool witches brooms today they are 69.99 use your coupons to get it for cheaper but it is a great incentive pic also if making your own
  10. Halloween photography tips/discussion

    General Halloween
    I know we've talked about this several times across various threads, but I don't see a particular dedicated thread. So, what are your tricks to getting that great shot of your work?
  11. Prop Showcase: Animated Witches Coven

    Halloween Props
    For those of you who have followed along, I had a previous thread to figure out how to control multiple animated props in a sequence. J-Man stepped up and helped create a controller tuned to my sequence. That problem has been solved. In the process, the coven grew from 4 to 9 animated witches...
  12. 2019 Mad Hatter Halloween Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Next year 2019 i am doing Mad Hatter this is going to be Epic with Saki.Girl twist so i have all ready started buying stuff for this theme next year so I thought i would start a thread to post all my goodies i am finding and using and when start making props they will be posted here also.
  13. Fall/Halloween Candle and Fragrance thread 2018

    General Halloween
    I thought I'd start a thread about new or favorite Halloween or fall candles/Wax melts/other scented items. I was just using a Yankee Candle Apple Cider wax melt and thinking of what scents I'll have going again this fall!
  14. "Try Me Button" Prop Controller

    For Sale By Merchants
    Just realized that maybe I didn't choose the best title for the Try-Me-Trol thread, you can view it here: http://www.halloweenforum.com/for-sale-by-merchants/193826-try-me-trol-prop-controller.html
  15. HomeDepot 2018

    General Halloween
    Thought I would start a 2018 home depot thread right now they have 9 ft. Standing Skeleton T-Rex Dinosaur on sale for 224.25 https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-9-ft-Standing-Skeleton-T-Rex-Dinosaur-with-LED-Illuminated-Eyes-7342-99908/301148793 74 in. Halloween Standing...
  16. 2018 Yard Sale, Thrift Store, Flea market Giveaways and Curb Alert Finds/Treasures

    General Halloween
    We must have a 2018 Yard Sale, Thrift Store, Flea market Giveaways and Curb Alert Finds/Treasures Thread this is one of my favorite threads. So let the 2018 hunting start now . Here is to happy hunting
  17. Atmosphere Effects: Question re: bed sheet for rear projections

    Halloween Props
    Next year I want to project onto a 4-ft X 8-ft area and I'd rather not blow $20+ on a jumbo shower curtain or try to patch two regular ones together. For anyone with experience projecting onto bed sheets: - Do you have any problems with the hot spot showing through? - Does thread count matter...
  18. Anyone know where to get this gargoyle?

    Wanted to Buy
    I bought a gargoyle from Target in 2012 and ever since I've had it on the wall abutting the front garden of my house. I had painted it with United Nuclear europium based phosphorescent pain. Every Halloween, I'd put up 5-way splitter sockets with UV bulbs in them in the outside light fixtures...
  19. october 21 parties

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    there's usually a thread for parties of various dates, but i don't see them this year so i'll start this one. our party is this saturday, 10/21, and we're so so so far behind right now. anyone else?
  20. HF's own personal pinterest thread

    something like this may have already been done here, but if not i thought i'd give it a shot with a new thread. so for all the millions of websites that pinterest claims to pull ideas from, every halloween-related search tends to yield the exact same stuff--either the same articles and ideas...