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  1. Halloween Props
    Although I don't post often, I follow religiously and have an opportunity to have my two worlds come together. I am currently taking a class on product formation. Being a haunter, and specifically into Pirates, I am conceptualizing a self-contained pirate cannon as a product that can be taken...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello All! I'm really excited to be a part of Halloween Forum! I am completely obsessed with Halloween and people think I;m wierd for it. But I do not care what anyone thinks of me. Is anyone from the St. Louis area?:D
  3. General Halloween
    For my party, I am Dying my pool Red. I would also like to add some "froth" to it. I read somewhere I could add Laundy Soap for bubbles, but my husband thinks this may interfere with my dye. Any knowledge of this out there?
  4. Halloween Props
    So I'm about $100 into a prop build for my carnival theme. And it's going to take quite a bit more time and money and tinkering to make it work, and I'm not an expert in mechanical props, so I was looking at a very frustrating bunch of days ahead. The problem is that I just thought of...
  5. Halloween Props
    Here is my first pictures of the 2015 builds. I am running into an issue with the knee joints of the hangman and connecting the motor to the legs. Need to think about this a little longer. Let me know what everyone thinks or any pointers before I get to far into it. Thanks
  6. Halloween Props
    Sorta of like the minions on despicable me .. Bee do bee doo bee doo ... yes, I still have a lot of five year old in me. :D My skeleton dog is here .. I also got my mammoth funkin! It is huge .. Way bigger than I thought .. it's awesome. It's going to make one huge freaky scarecrow! Yay ...
1-6 of 6 Results