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  1. Do you visit Halloween Forum on Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Or are you too busy? Last year I was too busy, I wanted to make it a point to pop in just to say good luck and happy halloween but I just didn't have time. I'll try to make it this year, how about you guys, do you get on or is it the last thing on your mind?
  2. hi all

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone, I'm so glad I found this forum. I've barrowed so many ideas from here for this year and for the next few years. Can't wait to set every thing up and get pics.
  3. Sometimes too much help ..

    General Halloween
    Is too much help! :p Corgi in a coffin ..he's says dress him as a vampire and he could rock this thing. :rolleyes:
  4. Mechanical: Limbless Jim broken arm

    Halloween Props
    So I bought Limbless Jim off of ebay a few months ago on sale and waited to open it well the freakin thing is broken. The metal rod that connects his hand to the top where is head is came apart. I've super glued the thing and it just wont stay attached to his hand. Besides welding it (which I...
  5. This is NOT the Thing Opening my Can of Soda in Slow Motion

    This is NOT the Thing Opening my Can of Soda in Slow Motion. Happy Halloween!
  6. Prop Showcase: Spider Snacks container

    Halloween Props
    I wanted to create a special facility for snacks, something that would be a little more simple dish, I had two containers of protein powder, and a bag of artificial cobweb I ordered, Some plastic spiders, and a broken branch, I made this thing seems to be really cool when joined next to black...
  7. Prop Showcase: My 50cent columns

    Halloween Props
    The only thing I had to buy was the top piece. Cardboard and Styrofoam I got from work, free. Paint I already had from two years ago. Top piece was a two pack from the 99cent store. I know cardboard is not the best thing to use, but its only gonna be out the day of. The fence (still working...
  8. why does everyone drylock??

    Halloween Props
    why dose everyone drylock foambaord it seems like it is an unnecessary y and expensive thing to do, as foam board is already rain resistant
  9. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Excited for all the new ideas I can search through to take home and work on with my kids. My daughter wrote in school yesterday that her favorite thing to do during the fall is build the haunted house for Halloween with Daddy. Good times. Thanks for all the ideas.
  10. New and Unusual Treat Ideas

    General Halloween
    Do any of you give out something a bit unconventional on Halloween? Rather than buying candy I'm trying to come up with some new ideas for this year . For example: My neighbor says when he hits the lottery he is going to give out $100 bills... (will have to visit that house a couple of...
  11. Hit 3 Halloween Stores

    General Halloween
    I stopped into 3 different Halloween stores this past Sunday, Johnny Brock's, Spirit Halloween, and Halloween Express. Spirit was pretty amazing. I hadn't been in one for a few years now. My 8 year old daughter was thoroughly terrified. The other two were pretty much a waste of time unless...
  12. I need names!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    As everyone shows up for the party, they will pick a name tag out of a hat with a different name on it. Whoever is caught not using their nametag name, will have to take a shot (haven't decided on what disgusting thing to serve the purpose yet), so I need names for everyone but now that I sit...
  13. Something totally different...Maybe

    General Halloween
    I am contemplating doing something completely different this year for our outdoor display. Rather than the tombstones, coffins and fog, I'm thinking of.....PEANUTS CUT-OUTS. You know, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Pig Pen and so on. Using larger than life plywood shapes, painted by our two daughters...
  14. Picture Comments

    General Halloween
    :oI know this isn't really about Halloween, but I didn't know where else to put it. I received a picture comment in one of my albums and when I click on it, it shows my comment on the second page....but when I try to go to the comment....it keeps me on the first page. Any ideas? And the other...
  15. Static: Ghost child prop and a disturbing story

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, Some of you long time members here will remember this thing from a couple/few years back when I posted it. However, for the newer members, I know you will find this entertaining. I would read the story then look at the pics. It is a short and true story.:D About 10 years ago. I was out...
  16. Free Halloween give-away raffle! Three lucky winners.

    General Halloween
    Okay, I did this a few years back and it really worked out well. I am not doing the Secret Reaper thing this year--as much fun as that is--so that I can do this. I am assembling three small foam envelope packets of Halloween trinkets and things. Not sure what there will be in these, but it...
  17. Other: A cage on wheels for this years victim's..guests

    Halloween Props
    Hey Everyone I've been a lurker for years (my 13th this year 8^) and I thought it time I started giving back to the site that's offered me so many sick and twisted ideas a little love back. As stated I caught the Huanta-virus 13 years ago and it's festered into every corner of my 1/4 acre lot...
  18. Static: Giant Reaper-In Progress

    Halloween Props
    Hello, Just wanted to share my giant reaper project. It is turning out pretty good in my opinion. Still working on the scythe and cloak but getting close. That is a 6' ladder for reference on size. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions or ideas. One thing that I need to figure...