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  1. Static: A bit of gardening this evening...

    Halloween Props
    Finished making this hungry little plant for the haunted house we put on every year for our community Halloween Party. It will be a specimen in our alien lab I think. Just need to get the little bugger potted - good thing it doesn't have feet to run off!
  2. My last year .

    General Halloween
    I start this post by saying, I have enjoyed this group and the so many comments that I have read, and the many post that I have been a part of. I have been a haunter for over 35 years and a member here for just a few. The help I have gotten has made "Deadview" a very nice success and it has been...
  3. How to Dye Blue Fabric to Black

    I have a cheap zombie costume I bought from Spirit. I love the color of the pants, but the top is a terrible blue color. I'd like to dye this blue to match the charcoal black of the pants. How can I do this and what materials do I need? It's a very thin, flimsy material so I'd have to be...
  4. Ideas wanted: How to add a clown theme to a graveyard/asylum yard haunt theme

    General Halloween
    Hello Everybody!!!! So excited to be back and for Fall (finally, it's been hot in Oklahoma) and the best holiday ever. This year I'm already busy building a new gallows prop (last one rotted) and since I have the lumber, a new guillotine will be started soon. But I do have need for some ideas...
  5. Gemmy butler - help needed

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys I have a gemmy butler who is not working as he should. It seems every thing works except the censors. Any advise would be great. Thank you.
  6. Static: Garage mausoleum with AtmosFX in 42" TVs

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! I've been meaning to get back on here, but I've been so busy building stuff. Anyway, now that I'm finished with my latest idea, I thought I'd post some pics and videos. Since I already have two 42' TVs with media players that I use in my outdoor Christmas decorations, I knew I needed to...
  7. Static: Paper Mache and Resin?

    Halloween Props
    Forgive me if this has been asked before. I'm planning on making an alien from the film "Devil's Gate", The skeleton will be PVC but I need to bulk up some areas with paper mache, or something. This prop needs to be waterproof to stand up to fall weather in MI. Once I get the body the way I...
  8. what is the one thing that you think inside your head when it comes to Halloween ?

    General Halloween
    it's that time of year again when everything we want and hope for comes around! I am curious to here about what is one thing that you always picture in side your head that makes you happy when you think of it and Halloween? mine is a mild and sunny yet windy day, coming home from school as a...
  9. Static: Large Jack in the Box

    Halloween Props
    I try to make a large prop every year. This year was a "Jack" in the box. The best thing about this prop is that the spring and head flip down into the box and the lid closes up after the season is over. He is 2 ft. wide and 4 1/2 feet tall (6 inches of rot boards on bottom). The only thing...
  10. Do we have a Discord?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I know this isn't a games thing but a lot of nongames places have Discords.
  11. Unit70 studios

    Merchant Reviews
    Well, they did it again :) I was looking for another cool prop, this one isn't on their site. I would have love the king creep but he's way too big and $$ talking with Hillie, I was initially going to get the animated creeper. asked if they had a small version of the King creeper !!! turned out...
  12. Other: how to get glowing webs

    Halloween Props
    i am adding a giant spider web to my outdoor decor this season. i have a black light and wonder what's the best thing to use to get the web to glow... spray paint (florescent or glow in the dark) or paint? thanks
  13. Home Made Foam Saw (scroll saw)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    If this is in the wrong place, please move it. I just couldn't find a place for diy tools or equipment. Here is my foam saw! (maybe it goes by another name I'm not privy to). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nmhmk9-lEHM&list=PLGlypBAazRo0KYlq2-mSskgi5nj0JJymU[...
  14. Static: Thingamabob. (I haven't decided what it is yet...)

    Halloween Props
    I've been trying to be good and stay focused on the main project ( http://www.anunorthodoxhalloween.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/2018-buildup/C3BD7866-6DF1-40E7-98C5-997376B42AB1.jpeg?i=1209935753 ), but you know when we pulled the tree out there was no way I wasn't saving any interesting bits of...
  15. Home Depot giant spider on sale for $150.

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    On-line. Usually $250. I was hoping he would get down to $125, but I think it likely that this is the lowest he's gonna go (save perhaps some last second close-out of a few, which I tend to doubt as this was a popular prop and will likely be back - speculation), as we are getting close to 2018...
  16. Blackout Haunts

    General Halloween
    Hey all! Have you ever built/run/visited a blackout haunt? Not "Blackout" - the one where they simulate a kidnapping, but a haunt that is pitch black or nearly so? What was the most effective thing about it? What were the best scares? Pros and cons of such a haunt?
  17. Seeking info on weird old traditions.

    General Halloween
    Ok, I got going through some OLD Halloween cards, and have stumbled on what must have been a symbol for the holiday at one time. Thistle. What's up? Anyone know? it keeps cropping up, especially in cards printed in Germany between 1880 and 1920. Also, anyone know what this pumpkin man...
  18. My best display and maybe last 2017

    General Halloween
    As mentioned in other posts, the TOTS around here flock from other less desirable neighborhoods, which is fine and good, if they are respectful... we had 635 by 8:00. I also started setting up at 6 am Oct 31, and was torn down (in more ways than one) by 10:00 pm... but here's what I got. I...
  19. Static: A new giant spider for 2017

    Halloween Props
    Finished my giant spider for this year - posted the build pics in the tutorial section, but these are the almost-final pics: You can see how big it is compared to my car parked right near it. I just had to do a little bit of paint touch-up after these pics were taken. There was a kind of...
  20. Flaming Jack O' Lanterns

    Halloween Props
    Can't believe I've neve done this before; use a roll of toilet paper saturated with fuel, slather hand sanitizer all my ver the gourd, set fire to the whole thing. Forget candles or tea lights. I just St carv d a jack and lit it up outside - awesome. Has anyone here been doing this?