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  1. Other: Melting Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    This is the back (fortunately) of the new Remus Lupin stone we made this year. We've been setting our graveyard up for years and this never happened before - we must have just put this one in the wrong spot. Sunlight reflected off a window and melted the foam away. Anyone else ever had this...
  2. Places to get free styrofoam

    General Halloween
    So most of us are always on the look out for free or really inexpensive material for making our props. I thought of several places where folks could possibly obtain free styrofoam big enough for tombstones, or building facades, or mausoleums, ...etc. Go and talk to your local stores that sell...
  3. Mechanical: Shaking Box

    Halloween Props
    Okay, I have a really big box. It is cardboard, but I could dress it up a little. It is heavy and thick and sits on a pallet. Dimensions are probably 3.5x3.5 and 5.5ft tall. What is the easiest way to make it shake with a 'do not open, dangerous animal inside' type of vibe? (In my head it...
  4. Help pricing set for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This is my first post in the forums, so if this is in the wrong section, please let me know and I'll put it where it belongs. I am the Indoor Percussion Coordinator for a high school percussion group. The year our show was called Mortem Venatus ~ Game of the Dead. We would like to recoup some...
  5. Fog: Heavy fog

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys Just purchased a 1000w fog machine. I am looking to make low heavy thick fog. Or just really thick fog. Any way of doing this? I tried blowing fog into a container with Ice in it Problem is with wind the fog just goes everywhere. I am looking to make thick fog. Any tips?
  6. Other: Silicone Face mask

    Halloween Props
    Hi ! I'm having quite a bit of trouble attempting to cast a silicone face mask. So far I have cast 3 times. Each time it has come out too thin, or too thick. Anyone out there have any suggestions before I go for a 4th ? Thanks !
  7. Static: Massive foam find on Craigslist RI--10-16-15

    Halloween Props
    Talk about huge foam..I am talking 2ft thick by 5ft wide by 10ft long!! http://providence.craigslist.org/zip/5268775231.html
  8. Static: Need plastic sheet that can be bent to form cylinder

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know what this product is called or where to get it. I know it is out there but since I don't know name I can't find it with search. It doesn't have to be really thick, just thick enough to support itself when curved. Thicker than transparency sheet but thinner than most poleax...
  9. need help with clear ceiling

    Hey y'all! I own a haunted house here in SC and I just stumbled across a video with a clear ceiling (plexiglass I'm assuming) and actors rolling around, beating, screaming above the heads of the patrons with a strobe light so theyre only getting glimses. Has anyone else done this before? How do...
  10. Static: What should I do with all of this scrap styrofoam?

    Halloween Props
    So I'm a pack rat when it comes to foam becasue I'm always sure that I can use it for something involving tombstones, etc. Here's my collection under the house. The problem is that much of it is form fitted for it's packaging function and isn't smooth. Other pieces are very thin (like maybe...
  11. A wealth of Styrofoam, ideas?

    General Halloween
    I just scored two pallets of 4'x4'x4" sheets of Styrofoam off Craigslist! I am thinking of doing a large faux stone fireplace surround for my witches kitchen with some of it, and obviously tombstones, but I would love ideas/inspiration for what to do with the rest. It is 4 inch, thick...
  12. Static: Newbie Questions / Help with Tombstones

    Halloween Props
    I have been watching tons of different tutorial videos on tombstones, most all of them mention using 2 inch thick foam insulation board.... For the following questions it might be helpful to know I am Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex My question is where do I get it? I have gone to...
  13. Static: WM. F. Harrington Tombstone Build

    Halloween Props
    Last week my sister (pictured) and I went to Magnolia Cemetery in down town Charleston and took pictures of tombstones. I've started the Harrington stone since I had sold most of my personal builds when I moved. Since this is a pretty big stone and has various layers and ornate designs on its...
  14. NEW Beams!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Our NEW plastic beams make it easy to create custom links and connectors! They have #6 thru-holes that are spaced to be compatible with the 0.770” hub pattern found throughout our product line. Length is calculated from center hole on one end, to center hole on the other end. Beams are 1/8”...
  15. Free Foam

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Free Foam TAKEN I'd been saving some pink and white Styrofoam to make some more tombstones but an unplanned pending move means I won't have time to use it or space to keep it. I've got 1/2 a sheet (cut long wise) of 2" thick pink plus to huge slabs (3.5' x 7") of 4" thick white from a spa...
  16. Static: thin pool noodles cheap great for pvc pipes

    Halloween Props
    I don't know if its a east coast thing or not but if you have a "five below" store they are selling pool noodles two for a dollar and there not as thick as the normal ones they are about as thick as a zombies arm and that's a great use for them and they have a hole in the middle so they slide...
  17. Other: Free 4x8 thick cardboard!

    Halloween Props
    I posted this for a specific tread but though everyone might like to know so I am putting it here! Sears has cardboard sheets that come under the tractors they will give them to you for free! They are about 1 inch thick and 4x8, we use them for walls all the time. I have some covered in brick...
  18. Cheap Simple thick vines

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Supples: Flower shaped pool noodle black trash bags Tape Heat Gun Paint (optional) Take the pool noodle and cut the "petals" lengthwise Cut two of the "petals" in half lengthwise Take the trash bag and cut it into 4 lenthwise so that you have 4 relatively same sized pieces Take the full "petal...