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  1. NEW HAUNTCAST Episode 76: Home Brewed

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    HEAR YE, HEAR YE. NEW HAUNTCAST IS HERE! Episode 76: Home Brewed - featuring Melissa Thompson, Preston & Diane Meyer of Rotten Apple 907 haunt, Kyle Thompson of Midnight Studios FX, and music from Radon. PLUS: News From Beyond with Jeff Doan, Something Wicked with Ed Gannon, The Darkest Web with...
  2. Prop Showcase: need ideas for this 2019 haunt....

    Halloween Props
    hi everybody....well 2018 was a bust for us...it rained for almost 2 months here in central tx that it made my yard like a swamp but something good did come out of it....the city contacted me and wants us to do their first haunt house for 2019 . talked to my family and we decided to go ahead and...
  3. Who's been out to the Spirit clearance sale?

    General Halloween
    I had a chance to drive by our local Spirit store at 8:30 this morning, and to my surprise, it was open! There were two other shoppers in with me, and I picked up three items: Fogging skull pile, a "new and improved" leaning tombstone, and a ranger's hat (which I actually need for an upcoming...
  4. Static: Halloween Drive In Theater Sign

    Halloween Props
    Halloween Drive In Theater Couldn't decide on a theme for this year, so I started browsing old threads for inspiration. Finally ended my journey in Terra's old blog. Well, guess I will now get cracking on the classic "skeleton ticket taker-inside a ticket-booth with a flickering light...
  5. BLOBFEST IS COMING!!! July 10 - 12 Phoenixville, PA

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    http://thecolonialtheatre.com/programs-categories/programs-blobfest-blobfest/ Celebrate one of the greatest 1950's sci-fi classics where it was born. Blobfest is held in Phoenixville, PA, location of the Colonial Theater which figured prominently in the film. Blobfest revels in all things...
  6. Static: Haunted Mansion Gargoyle

    Halloween Props
    Here it is finally done, 1:1 HM Gargoyle one of only 10 to exist and the mold has been destroyed. I have a haunted mansion themed home theater...and knew I needed this. These things are big.. Now where to put it?
  7. Static: Inspirational Prop Websites

    Halloween Props
    I would like to propose a "library" where professional/theatrical prop websites could be listed. Obviously this wouldn't contain "build instructions" like many of the instructional posts in the forum, but rather have it serve as a quality collection for fellow HF members to find inspiration and...