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the shining

  1. Help 3 person group costume idea

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My guy and I were planning on doing a couples costume this year, but he always does a costume with his friend and I really don't want to exclude him. But now we are having a hard time coming up with a costume idea that all three of us can agree on. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I always...
  2. Static: Easy Shining Prop - Frozen Jack Torrance

    Halloween Props
    I've dedicated my basement to The Shining this year. I wanted to recreate the Jack Torrance death scene. I love how it turned out and wanted to share the method because it was cheap and easy to do. You can do this for any head and shoulders character you would like to create. Check it out!
  3. Stanley Film Convention

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I recently found out about the Stanley Film Convention at the Stanley Houten Hotel in Colorado. As I'm sure many of you know this hotel is rumored to be haunted and was the inspiration for one of my favorite books/films "The Shining". Has anyone ever been to this convention or know anything...
  4. prequel to the shining

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I came across this site that has the story of the overlook before the shining by Steven King. If you want to know how the hotel became the way it is check out this free story. Happy Reading! http://www.jtonzelli.com/2012/02/before-play-prequel-to-shining.html