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  1. Static: jellyfish pumpkins

    Halloween Props
    So i went to a jack lantern walk last night that was at the zoo my wife works at. and there were so many amazingly carved pumpkins but these were my absolute favorite. pumpkins carved to look like jelly fish with streamer tentacles! I just had to share them in case anybody was looking for an...
  2. Mechanical: I'm looking for a thread with shaitsu tentacles

    Halloween Props
    I searched here and googled it with no luck. I think the thread was about Ursula and she had moving tentacles. I want to make some tentacles for my pirate theme. I think that one went a bit more into how to make them and mount them to the shiatsu. I did see a couple other threads here but they...
  3. Static: Slenderman

    Halloween Props
    I've said before that Slenderman needs more love. There's not allot of of Slenderman props around, so lets change that. For 2015, this is my 7 foot Slenderman. He's made from an old suit (luckily, a friend of mine is quite tall and slender), wood frame body. The head and hands are sculpted...
  4. Universal Monster scenes

    General Halloween
    Has anyone ever done one of these? I think there are several which could look awesome. The Frankenstein laboratory scene would be one for sure, ranking high as one of the most memorable, as the mad scientist pumps life-giving electricity into his most horrific creation. Perhaps the Wolfman...
  5. Mechanical: Animated Kraken Tentacles

    Halloween Props
    I made these tentacles to go with my pirate ship. The actual tentacle is based loosely on a design by "Torgo". I loved his idea. So I took it and made a few changes so they would work better for my needs, and then used a shiatsu massager to animate them. I made four of them. There will be 2 on...