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  1. Attractions Tent

    Attractions Tent

    Striped plastic from Amazon, hand made sign from cardboard and acrylic paint.
  2. Haunt in a large party tent?

    General Halloween
    Hi everyone, here's what I have in mind. My garage is too small for a "garage haunt", and besides, it also serves as my workshop (never parked a car in there ever since we moved into the place). I do have a huge driveway, though (over 5 meter wide, 20 meter long), big enough for an 8x4 meter...
  3. Other My Nightmare before Christmas Zero Dog house

    Halloween Crafts
    Ok since i did nightmare before Christmas as my Christmas theme i needed a Zero dog house . This was my first big project with foam there is some things i will change if i do another one lol one thing is take better step by step pics but i think you will get the idea first i used a hot...
  4. Other: How to put together Circus/Carnival theme while using previous props?

    Halloween Props
    So I really want to do a carnival/circus/sideshow theme. I think I figured out how to do a circus tent in a semi-affordable way. I have a 3 axis skull/skeleton. I'm thinking just swapping out his script and dressing him up as a sideshow barker. "Step right up, step right up, come see the...
  5. Rental Tents

    General Halloween
    Hi All, Sorry for the duplicate...I am new and I think I posted to the wrong forum.... Does anyone know if the rods on a rental tent are magnetic. This will be my 2nd year hosting a Halloween Bash which we used a rental tent last year and it was a big hit. This year I would like to make...
  6. Static: Need help with Circus Tent

    Halloween Props
    Im looking to either rent or build a Red and White tent for a Big Top Tent prop. Here is a picture of one I would like something similiar. If anyone knows where I can buy one, rent one or how to build one I would appreciate it. Thanks.....
  7. Other: Circus tent question/idea

    Halloween Props
    Ok so last year last minute I got the night off work so I threw together a quick carnival theme and ordered an outfit and mask off Amazon. I used a EZUP tent and used red and white party table coverings to give the effect of a circus tent. I was originally planning something in the garage but...
  8. Static: Circus Tent

    Halloween Props
    Need help with a possible circus tent idea....anyone know of any tutorials on how to make one? i want to just cover half the opening to my garage as cheaply as possible.
  9. Flynn Creek Circus -- central-northern California -- July/August dates

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I know lots of people are planning on CarnEvil themes for their haunts so thought I would share this. My DH came home tonight with a flyer for the Flynn Creek Circus that he said he'd like to go to. Checked out their website and very cool, kind of vintage. Not something many get to experience in...
  10. Summer Clearance for Repurposing 2016

    General Halloween
    I don't know that we've ever had a thread like this before, but I thought that it could be useful. Maybe we can direct one another to items to repurpose. I myself am looking for a small light-neutral colored "shade tent" that's at least 6-7 ft tall, but will only fit about four chairs inside...
  11. CarnEVIL ideas for 2016

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    2016 Halloween party plans are underway! We have reserved the 30x100 red and white striped tent as well as a smaller tent to make an entrance. The tent will be set up on Monday of decor week with the party being on October 22nd. We have some big ideas, including a carousel horse that can be sat...
  12. Carnival game ideas for adults?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey guys! Fairly new here. I'm throwing an adults only party this year. My theme is the Carnival of Carnage. So far, I've got a few ideas of props and I've started building some. There will be lots of alcohol....but I was hoping to have some carnival type games too. Any ideas on some fun ones...
  13. Static: Circus tent feel (indoors)

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, This year I am going to be having a "Psycho Circus and Sideshow" theme for the Halloween party. The room I was planning on using for the "Psycho circus" section is about 20x12 with an 8 foot ceiling. I was hoping to make it feel like you were inside a circus tent. Some ideas I was...
  14. Static: Free circus canopy in Rhode Island

    Halloween Props
    Found this on craigslist 10-10-14 if someone is looking for tent fabric http://providence.craigslist.org/zip/4706900675.html UPDATE: canopy is now gone----10-11-14
  15. Other: Tent Haunt for 2011

    Halloween Props
    First off guys, I'm Tim - first post on the forum. I've been clicking around here, and there are some great ideas on the board! Pumped I found it. Background real quick - I'm 21 worked some local haunts throughout the years in VA and one in Charlotte NC for Mr. Morris of morris costumes -...
  16. Professional Black Tent NEEDED! Any help?!?!

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello- I am looking for a professional/commercial grade event tent in black (40x100) for our haunted attraction we are running this year. ANY help to sources, sites, contacts, you!?!?, anything will help!