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  1. "Truth?" "Lies?" "Confusion?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Or just a "Juxtaposition? A few years ago i was told a ghost story by a local woman. Today another woman told me a similar story", except the sex of the ghost was changed from Male to Female and instead of greeting potential home buyers into the house by loudly telling them to "Come on in!", as...
  2. Flexibility on what you do.

    General Halloween
    My wife has been telling me that i give tours that are too long,some become bored,she says,speed it up! Then tonight a young man who had a stroke at a very young age came here for the first time alone. He uses a cane to walk with,one leg doesn't function very well,He has one arm that also...
  3. Excellent News for Murderers and Rapists!

    General Halloween
    I have always wondered , as the Haunt owner getting criminal back round checks for our employees every season, if one comes back telling us that they were once convicted of Rape or Murder,and If hired them, and if they did something nasty to a patron, would i then be held responsible since the...