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    Hello, Found this site doing a search for a Halloween Forum. Love decorating though I've scaled it down to a more simple decor. Decorated many years with vintage and collectible items. I did the Halloween village, Telco Motionettes, etc. Love the hunt for those unusual items to decorate with...
  2. Electronic/Software: Interesting motionette-style figure, trying to learn more

    Halloween Props
    I picked up this guy at the flea market over the weekend and am hoping someone will have information about him. I have a good number of the Telco Motionettes and he doesn't appear to be one of them. A quick search on ebay indicated he may be a Halloweener, but I'm not sure if that is/was it's...
  3. Hello!

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    Hi everyone, I'm a photographer from Western PA who does a good bit of horror work. A few months ago, I was at the flea market and bought a good lot of Telco Motionettes. They're amazing and I adore them, even though they were purchased with the intent to resell. I'm hoping you all will have...
  4. Wanted- Telco Motion-Ette Scarecrow

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking to add a Telco Scarecrow (original fabric face) to my collection. I had one a few years ago and in a moment of weakness I sold him. Would like to add one back to my collection for Halloween 2015. Any help is appreciated :D
  5. Wolfman Telco Halloween Motionette 17 inch eBay $89.99

    For Sale By Merchants
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Telco-Halloween-Motionette-Large-Wolfman-Universal-Monsters-Werewolf-Figure-/121708236114?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c56604d52 I have the 1992 Wolfman Telco Halloween Motionette used but in excellent working condition runs on 2 C batteries includes box, box worn and...
  6. Mechanical: Awesome antique store find. 24" Telco Creature From the Black lagoon Motion-ette WOW

    Halloween Props
    Awesome antique store find. 24" Telco Creature From the Black lagoon Motion-ette WOW While browsing through a local antique store today, I happened upon this one dealers booth with a ton of Halloween stuff in it. I started cheking things out when I spotted it. There over in the corner was a...
  7. Halloween Motionette's - Telco, Witch Time, Etc.

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking for any of these, please let me know if you have any for sale or know where I can find some. Thanks!
  8. WITCHTIME Motionette dracula

    Group Buys
    selling my animated monionette dracula this is the ebay link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Halloween-Motionette-Witchtime-Halloween-Creations-Animated-Dracula-Telco-Style-/251281671997?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a818e073d
  9. Mechanical: Telco Pooh to a rat animatronic

    Halloween Props
    Had this Winnie the Pooh animatronic just collecting dust and was inspired to make him into a popping rat. Hes 90% done, I need to make fangs and a tail and clean up the pumpkin paint-job. Then to seal him for weather proofing and hes set, hehe. My fiance thinks he looks hilarious but once he...