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    With all the rave reviews of last year's chattering teeth at CVS I just couldn't help but pick them up. The only problem is I don't have a cabinet of curiosities or really anywhere else to feature them in my display. For the upcoming Halloween, however, I'm planning a mad scientist's lab which...
  2. General Halloween
    For years, I could never wear fangs because of crooked teeth. I got braces and this is the first Halloween with the off! Fangs!!!!!!!
  3. Halloween Props
    This was a happy accident when I was taping one of my Life-size props with a foam pumpkin with sharp teeth mask. It’s cool how the teeth move like he’s talking :D I show and describe the Lighting FX Unit I got a few years ago. I really like it.
  4. Halloween Props
    Looking for some links people know of that sell acrylic teeth? I was thinking of ordering some bucky skeletons and I hate the molded teeth, they look fake. So basically I'd be looking for perhaps 10 sets so cheapest price or even wholesale would be best.
  5. Halloween Props
    Hey guys. I just wanted to share some photos of my latest project. It's nothing ground breaking, but I'm pretty proud of it! I've been corpsing for a while now (haven't we all), and I've seen such an improvement in quality and detail with each project I do. Funny how that works ;) Though it's...
    This goes out to anyone who has experience to sculpting teeth out of clay. I'm working with air dry paper clay, and quite frankly my teeth are turning out a bit on the crude side (and not in a desirable way). Could someone please lend me your expertise in the form of a tutorial?
  7. Halloween Props
    A couple of years ago I was offered up a friend's old dental molds for making something. I decided to Zombi-fy them and then I decided to seek out more molds (my s-i-l-type is a dentist) and create Zombie Dentition Specimens for my etsy shop. They haven't been listed for over a year and I am in...
  8. Halloween Crafts
    I hit my 21st birthday the other day and decided the first thing I'd do with my present money was get some modeling clay, because I've been dying to start making props. So I sat down on this Friday night and started making teeth. Human teeth, vampire fangs, werewolf/wolf fangs.. I'm going...
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    Yeah, yeah...I know. Another old tutorial. But, I have an excuse! Been working on two big projects. One was the Demon Horse that needs to wait until it can be pictured in it's native habitat (graveyard). That'll be a tutorial nearer Halloween. The other project is new ChromaDepth 3D panels and...
  10. General Halloween
    Hey, I'm working on a costume for Jim Carrey's The Mask. The problem I've come across is how to buy/make over-sized large teeth. Any ideas? I can't find anything good to buy online so it looks like I'll have to make them. -Mike