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  1. Corpsing with liquid acrylic?

    Halloween Props
    Hello Well I'm stuck at home like so many of you the last few weeks. I have a project I had completely forgot about.I purchased a skeleton monkey last year from target. I am new to corpsing. I have a "pirate corner" in my living room. I thought I would like to make a Undead Jack the monkey. I...
  2. Hello Everyone

    Member Introduction
    I’m currently living in Missouri. I manage a Haunted House called Rising Haunted Attraction in Waynesville, Mo. I love to make props and learning new techniques to making them. I’m excited to get to know more people in the haunt industry and learn from each of you.
  3. Airbrush Tombstones

    Halloween Props
    I’m thinking about getting a airbrush unit for doing tombstones and a few other items. Up to this point I have been using tinted Drilock and washing a paint over that. The problem is all the stones basically look the same. Any good techniques or tips of using a airbrush to add some character to...
  4. Static: 2018 Halloween Entrance Columns

    Halloween Props
    This year I added a new set of entrance columns to my haunt. My inspiration was the entrance columns to the Disney Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. I wanted to add a gate but ran out of time. I used of a lot of the techniques found in the youtube links listed at the end of the post. I built my...
  5. 2019 follow along: Cadaver Tomb. Trevor 2.0

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Don't know if it will be so much a tutorial, but I've decided to revisit one of my old props and attack it with some lessons learned. Back in 2012 I created the original Trevor. It was meant to be a one-off, and sold after Halloween that year. I was unhappy with a couple little...
  6. Adult Bat Costume-Makeup Help

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi Ya'll! So I'm going to be a bat this year. I've bought these wings: https://www.victoriantradingco.com/item/80-ha-8029805/halloween-costumes/bat-wing-costume These ears...
  7. Introduction

    Member Introduction
    Hey! I'm Syd and I'm 17 years old. I love Halloween, just like my dad (greasemonkey)! I have always loved decorating our family house and dressing up. Last week I began to mess around with FX makeup. I hope to learn a lot more techniques from different artists! These are the 3 looks I've...
  8. Other: Applying Monster Mud

    Halloween Props
    I was wondering how you like applying your monster mud? I've searched and found various suggestions. I figured I would turn to you awesome folks to get your input.
  9. I think I'll fit in here

    Member Introduction
    I've been making Halloween "art" for a few years now but it's been a very solitary labor. I will enjoy bouncing ideas around here. I haven't really been able to do that up to this point. This place really seems right up my alley. I'm a huge Rot fan & I love learning his techniques but I try to...
  10. Lighting Techniques (post your pics!)

    General Halloween
    What are some of your favorite lighting techniques? Or do you have a favorite type of light that you use in your haunt? I'm curious to see pictures!
  11. Hail the Mighty Halloween Haunters

    Member Introduction
    uploaded 68 pics so far. ( random 2011-2014 pics) Been using scrap plywood mostly for my halloween graveyard tombstones. Last year the count was somewhere around 160 tombstones. Been loving the ideas and techniques that I've been seeing here. already working on plans to try many of the things...
  12. Static: Second scarecrow mask attempt

    Halloween Props
    Here's my second attempt at mask making. I tried a couple new techniques to make the gums and set the teeth, also had a bit of a learning curve with which paints to use but I think I'm headed in the right direction now. Very comfortable (if a little bit scratchy from the burlap inside, but I...
  13. Latex Mold Making: Skulls on the Cheap.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Welcome to the new and hopefully improved latex mold tutorial. At the very least, I have a more secure picture host. As with most my recent tutorials, I will break it down via a series of direct links in the top post here to work as a directory. I'll turn these into links as I type up each...
  14. Windows in a haunted house

    General Halloween
    I have a question regarding windows in a haunted house. The space I have to use has a LOT of windows. We have been using black painters plastic but that tends to still let some light in when we have our daytime hours. The other problem I have is with our plastic falling in the middle of the...