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  1. Resurrection Vale celebrating 10 years!

    General Halloween
    Last week I realized that Ghouliet & I have been doing this for a decade now!! I only have 1 photo from that first (very store bought) year and I thought it would be really cool to take a photo of what our cemetery looks like this year from the same angle. It's a glow up for sure. 2008...
  2. Question for Life-long Halloween Lovers

    General Halloween
    Probably everybody here has loved Halloween since early childhood. In that case, what is the oldest Halloween themed thing you still own? Not a vintage piece you've bought, but something you've owned forever. For me, it's probably a simple small plastic pumpkin container for TOTing circa...
  3. Canadian Thanksgiving...

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just wanted to wish my fellow Canadian brethren a Happy Thanksgiving (technically on Monday but most cook on Sunday)