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  1. WItch Tavern Sign - Need more inspiration and ideas

    General Halloween
    Picked this sign up at a thrift store a while ago. I want to make a witch themed tavern sign but need some inspiration. I'm going for a historical/creepy vibe rather than whimsical. Some ideas I've come up with are: "The Confession House" "Half Hanged Mary" "Oyer and Terminer" I would also...
  2. New halloween town RP

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Bloodwood RP town What's the harm in having a second halloween town RP? I'll go with a lycan innkeeper. Before we begin, how about a name? Of course, Raven's point is already taken.
  3. Static: Wooden Pirate Tavern "Surrender Yer Booty" Sign

    Halloween Props
    For this year's Pirate Theme, I figured I needed a sign hanging out over the sidewalk to catch the eyes of the Trick-or-Treaters - not like they won't see the cannon, pillory, 15' Kraken monsters, or mermaid, but what the he$$? This was a quick, low-cost project - To make the sign - I used a...
  4. Prop Showcase: Tortuga Tavern 2014

    Halloween Props
    Ok Here's the Slideshow!
  5. Prop Showcase: Updated Pirate's Cove Entrance Scene

    Halloween Props
    We've updated the first scene in our Pirate's Cove walkthrough haunt! It originally was supposed to be the office for a pier where the pirates might dock their ship. However, this year we decided to upgrade it to something more... Spirited!:p We've turned the pier into the Drunken Sailor...