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  1. Member Introduction
    HI, I joined almost one month ago, but just started posting and finding my way around here. Back in '98 I made a website that was nothing but Halloween links...it was so cool and my heart was really into it. The bomb was I did it on WebTV. The sad part was/is, it's gone and I didn't save all...
  2. Member Introduction
    I have been decorating for Halloween for a few years now, but it has always been something myself and a few friends have thrown together between our busy work schedules for the local ToT's. I am ready to start taking my love of Halloween to the next level and building a haunt that I can call my...
  3. General Halloween
    Just wanted to share my lunch with everyone today. I made it with the Wilton 3D skull cake pan and some pillsbury pizza dough. A little too much sauce but still quite tasty.
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I know I'm only fifteen going on sixteen, but I've dabbled in cooking and I made up my first recipe just yesterday! I made them as a surprise for my mom and sister while they were gone and they loved them, so I thought I'd post it here! Ingredients- Caramel sauce (preferably homemade, but you...
1-4 of 4 Results