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  1. My birthday nightmare :(

    General Halloween
    I was having a less than happy birthday on Sunday and it only got worse. I was pet sitting for a friend and I got the call from my neighbor around 7:15pm... my garage was on fire. Halloween forum friends... I lost 34 years of collecting Halloween stored in my garage and I have nothing Halloween...
  2. WTB: Hawthorne Village Universal Monsters

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey y'all! I'm looking to start my first Halloween Village, and I'm gonna have to do the (daunting and expensive) task of collecting some of them. Particularly interested in the Creature From The Black Lagoon one. Open to others as well! :) I know I might not get any hits here, but never hurts...
  3. how to find if i am talking to myself unconciously

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    so I know this sounds crazy but people have commented on it so like at work the boss was like the ...(main task) girl has a great attitude is a great worker but is always ranting. I swear she was talking about me since I know I am the only one who does that task and I do have those two good...
  4. Excellent News for Murderers and Rapists!

    General Halloween
    I have always wondered , as the Haunt owner getting criminal back round checks for our employees every season, if one comes back telling us that they were once convicted of Rape or Murder,and If hired them, and if they did something nasty to a patron, would i then be held responsible since the...
  5. Lighting: Seven Layers of Scare

    Part of series: Seven Layers of Scare: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/528-seven-layers-scare.html Detailed look at layer five of Seven Layers of Scare.... Lighting Lighting (IMHO) is one of the most powerful but least appreciated elements in setting up a haunt. I've...