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  1. Atmosphere Effects: How to attach webs to a tent / ez-up / tarps?

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. Last year I tried to do a spider scene within an ez-up with tarp walls. The idea was to have a bunch of webs, like the guests were walking through an area that the spiders had entirely overwhelmed. But no matter what I tried I couldn't get the webs to go up like I wanted. I tried a hot...
  2. Dealing with the Wind (Blocking it for Garage Haunts)?

    General Halloween
    We're moving our modest little haunt into the garage this year, in large part to get away from the wind. However, today we opened the garage door briefly and the gentle breeze was enough to make the tarps and props flap around (we're using tarps as walls this year to cut costs and time). Our...
  3. Static: How to build garage walls with cloths or tarps??

    Halloween Props
    I've searched YouTube and can't find a way to hang drop cloths or tarps BUT be able to open and close the garage door. I want it to look good, but don't have time to build frames with wood so just post your ideas
  4. Other: Painted tarps

    Halloween Props
    In our home haunt this year we did a bunch of painted canvas tarps from Harbor Freight. I think they turned out really good. Some of it was free handed, some with a projector, some airbrushed, some hand painted. This was my first time ever using a airbrush so don't be too harsh. lol The tarps...
  5. Other: In need of your brains for a min

    Halloween Props
    I have very large billboard tarps. I would like to use these as walls for a small maze for kids to come though on Halloween. I know this isn't ideal. We had to move away from a great place where we have 4 acres of a haunted trail. What would you suggest I use to build walls to hold up these tarps?
  6. Other: Walk thru help

    Halloween Props
    So I am doing a little walk-thru this year in my driveway. I am using tarps to make the wall and a ceiling. these will be attached to the walls of the ran across an attached to 2x4s and another tarp for the walls. SO My question is should I paint the tarps for what I need (dot room or something...