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  1. Halloween Tap Handles!

    For Sale By Merchants
    You can't have a Halloween party with an ordinary tap handle, right? My creations are all one of a kind. It’s original, creepy, functional art made one at a time in my shop. Don't see what you're looking for? I have more than what is shown and will take custom orders. Just Ask! My handles...
  2. Usability issue with the "unsubscribe" link

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Device: iPad When I am viewing a list of all the threads I subscribe to, I generally tap the title of the thread to go into it when there are new replies. I try not to tap it too far on the left because I have accidentally tapped the persons name who created the thread. Not too big of a deal...
  3. Mechanical: 3 Axis Skull - tapping question

    Halloween Props
    So, I FINALLY found a place to buy cheap 1/4" acrylic (which I don't know the difference between it and lexan, but I'm assuming they're relatively similar) for the plate for my 3 axis skull! My question is about tapping for the screws. Is it completely necessary to tap for the screws that will...