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  1. Wanted-Spirit Halloween Swamp Tree Prop

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking for some of the trees that you would find on display in Spirit Halloween stores during the past few years. Tree is approximately 8 ft tall, 4-6 ft wide and made of resin type material.
  2. Static: Crow's Nest Prop

    Halloween Props
    Roughed out the initial mock-up of a crow's nest for my upcoming Pirate themed haunt. 4ft across the top and 40 inches tall. It will easily fit in its intended space but I've gotten some comments that it might be too big for a pirate ship crow's nest. The pirate in the pic is 5ft tall. Before...
  3. Animated Giant Airblown Winged Fire and Ice Dragon/ halloween

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling a 9' tall animated dragon with flapping wings, fire storm lighting effect Animated Giant Airblown Winged Fire and Ice Dragon In perfect condition used only one time. 9' tall animated dragon with flapping wings, fire storm lighting effect $85.00 plus shipping
  4. Static: How can I Halloween This....?

    Halloween Props
    I am usually pretty good at recycling stuff and having ideas on how to make things scary but this has got me stumped:mad:! My friend has got this four foot inflatable light up Frankenstein thing that she no longer wants and it looks like it will be making it's way to what my Hubby calls 'The...
  5. Static: Weatherproofing Outdoor Props

    Halloween Props
    I'm building a few 7ft tall tree props with spray foam. These trees will be displayed outdoors for over a year and will definitely be exposed to a lot of rain. I've heard of folks using latex outdoor paint and others using sealant. If anyone has experimented with different ways of...
  6. Whats the propper name for these creatures

    General Halloween
    Their from the classic "Time Bandits". I have heard several different names for them including. "Phantoms", "Reapers", "Minions" (not the funny yellow ones)". I'm going to try to make this costume for next year and I would like to be able to tell people what I'm making without saying "One of...
  7. Static: Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Ichabod.

    Halloween Props
    He's a full 7 foot tall. Questions, comments, and critiques are all welcome. Marc V.
  8. Pneumatic: How To: Two Air Filled Pillow that you Walk Through/Tunnel

    Halloween Props
    Hello. Long time lover of Halloween and am new to making kid friendly haunted houses. I once went to a place that had two air filled "pillows", one on each side. It felt like a plastic or vinyl. Something probably similar to a bouncy house material. They were air filled and as you walked...
  9. Static: A Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    Finally finished this one, It's 40" tall & 24" wide.
  10. Static: How much are tombstones worth?

    Halloween Props
    My neighbor owns a little craft store and she wanted me to make her some tombstones this year for halloween. So I,m going to make her 5 or 6 but we're not really sure what price to ask for them. This one I made today it's about 25" tall. Any suggestions?
  11. Other centerpiece ideas needed

    Halloween Crafts
    This is a centerpiece that I have, (actually I have 10 of them). They are about 3 feet tall. I am decorating for a dentist Halloween party and would love to use these for centerpieces for the tables. Does anyone have any great ideas that wouldn't cost a ton of money for them? I would need to...
  12. Dead Eyed Drake Pirate Gemmy 6ft tall

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi I have a Dead Eyed Drake that I would like to get rid of. I bought him a couple years ago off Craigslist but have decide to sell it to get something else. He is missing his sword and hook. But I know you guys can do way cooler things to fix those. I will ship him just let me know so I can...
  13. Need this coffin

    Wanted to Buy
    :) Hey Forum Peeps....I am looking for this coffin, it was sold by Lillian Vernon and Halloween Asylum a few years ago. It is made of foam and hinged in a couple of places with a cardboard backing and is about five feet tall. If anyone knows where I can find one, or if anyone has one to sell...
  14. Static: Completed tombstones

    Halloween Props
    A continuation of this thread http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/146607-some-new-grave-markers-wip.html Finished up the two smaller markers. Now I can focus on the tall monument which will take considerably more time. Will post a pic when it's done. Thanks for looking!
  15. Angus Scrimm, Tall Man in 'Phantasm' Series, Passes Away at 89

    Horror Discussion
    Sadly, another horror great is gone. Not sure about others, but I caught the first two films on network television in the afternoon on Saturdays when young, with them being a part of why I love the genre so much. From all that I have read over the years, Scrimm was a true gentleman who...
  16. Static: Giant Pumpkin-jack o latern/Scarecrow guys

    Halloween Props
    A long time ago I thought I saw a blog online that showed you a "how to" to make really tall jack o latern/scarecrow props. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? These guys are at least over 6 foot tall. Trying to build 2 of these guys for the haunt I volunteer work and need some additional...
  17. Carnevil Props FREE, Pickup SoCal

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sorry guys props are gone
  18. Static: Entry pillars and gate

    Halloween Props
    So this prop is 3 wings from being done. It's been a fun one and I can't wait to finish the wings. It stands 11-1/2 feet tall. I modeled it after the entry to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, only mine is bigger!
  19. Haunted Halloween Trees

    General Halloween
    I would like to see pictures of Halloween trees, either purchased, vintage, or home made. There is one selling on E-bay which looks pretty cool with LED lights and is 5 feet tall. Any info or pics of what you have would be great. Nothing like a haunted forest for Halloween!
  20. Static: Foot Tall Grey Creepy Morbid Industries Dude - What's his name???

    Halloween Props
    Anyone remember what this little dude's name is??