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  1. Skull routines

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi, Looking for new talking skull routines. I still cannot get the hang of creating routines. Thanks
  2. For Sale: Large Gemmy Talking Tree Kit! (Trade cancelled)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    PRICE DROP!! NOW AT $40 + shipping! I'm cancelling my attempt to trade since there was no response. Now offering this for sale: $40 plus postage, box weighs 6lbs, 7oz. Like a Dougy Fir on steroids! This is a Gemmy Talking Christmas Tree Kit! A huge talking tree face to strap into a Christmas...
  3. Electronic/Software: Audio Sync

    Halloween Props
    Good morning, Can anyone tell me about sound board inside talking props? I have an animated talking butler. The things that he says are lame, and I would like to record something els for him to say. I do want his mouth to sync with my new audio. Is there a way to do this? Thank you for any help...
  4. Electronic/Software: Sourcing a fun audio track for two talking skulls

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I have two, and maybe a third, talking skulls (recently modded classic Boris ones) and would like something fun for them to say or sing in our elementary school haunt. I've seen some referenced from years back (hillbilly humor and more) but the links are all broken. Does anybody have...
  5. Mechanical: Well, first attempt at Zombie Talking Parrot complete!

    Halloween Props
    Hi Just finished first attempt at a Moving, Talking Zombie Parrot for pirates party. Don't claim to be master prop creator, but managed to get to wings to flap, and beak to move whilst saying pieces and eight and squawking, so don't think it's turned out to bad. Would appreciate any...
  6. Halloween Greeting from North East of England

    Member Introduction
    :) Hi everyone, my name is Sharon and I have just joined the forum as mad on Halloween. I have always been really creative and love making costumes, props decorations etc. This years theme is pirates, so already made boat, cannons, skeleton pirates, and just on with a dead talking parrot...
  7. Mechanical: Boris Talking skull

    Halloween Props
    Had someone give me a skull that sits on a black plastic base and has a long wire that attaches to a microphone that looks like a bone. Is this a Boris talking skull that I have seen mentioned here before? Just wondering what kind of ideas y'all might have for one of these. Can the microphone...
  8. FS Rack & Pinion 3-Axis skull kits with moving eyes

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have for sale 2 rp skull kits with moving rgb eyes for Lindbergh skulls from Graveyard Skulls. They're a beautiful design and work smooth as silk. I started some of the assembly on one of them but ran out of time before I could test it or even mount it in the skull. So this kit has all...
  9. Mechanical: talking Bucky skull

    Halloween Props
    I received my talking skull kit on friday and assembled it yesterday. I put a bunch of time into programming the audio, (pirates of the carribbean) using the technique posted by Cessers on the cowlacious website, in which you use a 12-15khz tone to mirror the audio that you want the servo to...
  10. Other: Looking for new Gemmy Skull in globe, Swammy with skull in globe and Joltin Jack

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I am new here and found the site with a Google search. I love it. Everyone seems so nice and into the season. I was wondering does anyone know where I can find these Gemmy items, new? Talking Skull in globe/crystal ball Swammy with small skull in globe/crystal ball Gypsy (the nice one)...
  11. Electronic/Software: Butler prop issues.. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hello my HF family! I was just wondering if anyone know how to repair the talking skull on the platter? It has normal functions as far as the butler is concerned but the mini skull on the platter just mumbles for a split second and FAILS???... I don't know what is wrong with it but would love...
  12. Lighting: Do you like my idea? - Talking Pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I've been thinking of some ideas on how to create what I've been dreaming of doing and want to hear what you think of it. I want to create a talking pumpkin face and hook it up to my Light-O-Rama controller. But with me being 14 and being on a budget it hasn't been easy. So I...
  13. Electronic/Software: Douglas Fir Talking Christmas Tree Alternative

    Halloween Props
    With it now being about a decade since the Douglas Fir Talking Christmas Tree was produced, I was just curious if any entrepreneurial company has produced a "bare bones" Dougie for prop builders. Anybody know?