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  1. Good Halloween Morning!

    General Halloween
    I have one last trip to Home Depot, but thing are looking good.... The "no sse em" scrim is set up and is great, the cemetery is up, 30 pumpkins are cleaned and carved. I just need to carve the last two pumpkins, fine tune the cauldron creep set out the singing pumpkins and the talking...
  2. Mechanical: My Slender Man

    Halloween Props
    Last year many kids were talking about Slenderman or Slender Man however you want to put it. This year they kept talking about him so I figured it was time to have him join the party. You never know if it will be a passing fad or if it will endure like Freddy, Jason, Frankie or the Wolfman...
  3. Scream Box

    For Sale By Merchants
    The Scream Box is battery operated and can see in Complete Darkness! The Scream Box is being discontinued. Supplies are limited. Scream Boxes are available on Ebay $29.98 . The Scream Box is battery operated and has a built in speaker and heat sensor so it works in complete...
  4. Mechanical: Skeleton Bob

    Halloween Props
    Here is "Skeleton Bob" . He does his standup routine in the Haunted Forest and is very popular. He is new and improved this year. In the past he was actually more of a ventriloquist because he would talk but his mouth never moved. and he was stiff as a board because his body didn't move...
  5. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hello I am new to this forum , heck any forum but I absolutely Halloween. I love doing crafts to add to my Halloween madness. There is always a project going on. I not very good at talking about myself but thought to say hello.
  6. FG's collection cull volume 1: Gemmy stuff

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am trying to downsize some of the stuff I've collected over the years as I'm running out of space. :D Gemmy Talking Skull Platter (circa ~2007) $25 + shipping Item is used with very minor wear), without box or other packaging. Does still have the "try me" button attached. Item in good...
  7. Juneau Studios MIDI controlled Talking Skeleton Corpse

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi, I'm selling my very gently used talking skeleton corpse. I used him once in my ticket booth to greet visitors to my haunted garage. He talked to everyone as they waited in line. Everyone loved it! I no longer have a use for him, but I'm hoping someone else might. I'm asking $200...
  8. Talking Through Mr. Jones Bones

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Talking Through Mr. Jones Bones is similar to Talking Through Boris.It is a stone-looking skull mounted on a tombstone. It comes with a microphone with 15 feet of cord. The jaw moves and eyes flash as your amplified, distorted voice comes out of the skull. i think that the mechanism could be...
  9. Gemmy Talking Halloween skulls 2007

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    PRICE:$ 50.00 Hey guys, selling this pair of talking skulls made by Gemmy. Bought them way back in 2007, and they work great ! they are attached by a wire and one talks, then the other talks, and their eyes light up green. Also they play creepy music. They take I believe its 4 double a...
  10. Looking for NON-FUNCTIONAL Gemmy Talking Skulls

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for any Gemmy Talking Skulls that have stopped working. I'm developing a board that will convert these to sync the jaw with any audio track. The board will replace the existing electronics but still use the original motor to drive the jaw. I need a few test subjects! :cool:
  11. The stuff of nightmares, Edison's Talking Dolls

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I wasn't sure where to put this so if anyone feels it needs to be elsewhere, feel free to move it. Thomas Edison's Talking Dolls http://thedailywh.at/2015/05/nightmare-fuel-day-listen-thomas-edisons-talking-dolls-never-sleep/ Here are the recordings in MP3 format if you want to use them for...
  12. New Member

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone. New member from Yorkshire in the UK. Looking forward to posting some of my ideas soon and see how they compare to the tried and tested forum members here. This is our 2nd year as "haunters" and anyone from the UK will appreciate how important this forum can be, with so little...
  13. LOR Singing pumpkins?

    General Halloween
    I am new to the Lor system. I am looking for 16 channel singing or talking pumpkins or any sequences. Any help would much appreciated.
  14. Other: New Haunt, New Prop Build, New Look....New, New, New! (Help! Help! Help!)

    Halloween Props
    :DHey guys! I'm sort of, kind of starting over for 2015. A new look to my haunt, a new and exciting prop build, and I need some new help coming up with names and ideas. Okay...here goes...for 2015 I would like to change my whole yard to a graveyard, enclosed by a fence and have the house/front...
  15. Static: Classic Halloween 2014. Vampires. Witches. Mad Lab. New album to share.

    Halloween Props
    Well, I finally had some time to get all my pictures uploaded to an album here on my forum pages. I know lots of folks are talking about doing a CLASSIC HALLOWEEN theme next year. Hopefully these pix will help in your inspiration :)...
  16. Mechanical: Undead Granny Issues

    Halloween Props
    When Spirit introduced this prop I immediately pre-ordered it. It is unique and the concept is clever. I love her movement being different from most props. However, there are a couple of negatives which ruins it. Any suggestions on how to resolve her issues are appreciated. I hate to send her...
  17. Electronic/Software: Talking Boris Skull with microbone

    Halloween Props
    Was at a flea market today and found 2 Talking Boris skulls in boxes (1 unopened) for $10 each! Score! Now to try and hack them to play on computer speakers. Any suggestions for an incredibly electronics challenged individual?
  18. Electronic/Software: Servo question

    Halloween Props
    I have a couple of servos from a remote control airplane, do you think these would work in building a talking skull single or even tri-axis? If so then what else would I need to get it working?
  19. boris the talking skull

    Member Introduction
    Where can I find a Boris talking skull? They are no longer made but I would like to find one for sale
  20. Mechanical: Where to find a basic talking skull. Suggestions wanted

    Halloween Props
    I am considering a talking skull for my pirate display. Not looking for three axis but a good talking easy to use skull. I have looked at audioservo control and I really like their offerings. Are there any comparable ones or maybe a bit cheaper? I am not technically skilled so looking for one...